The Energy Call to Arms Continues

    It seems unlikely that flight attendants working Continental’s afternoon service between Washington and Houston regularly field requests from passengers looking to leave the plane just minutes before it’s scheduled to take off. But the request one received from Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) this past Friday was no ordinary appeal – and neither were the circumstances that led Republicans to storm the floor of the U.S. | Read More »

    Where is the leadership on energy?

    We appreciate the RNC Chairman stopping by the front page. — Erick In recent days, there has been much talk (and justifiably so) of Barack Obama touting tire inflation as the solution to America’s energy woes.  Republicans, together with John McCain, have been arguing for some time that a truly comprehensive approach, including more off-shore exploration, more nuclear power, and enhanced reliance on alternative energies | Read More »

    How Potent Is The “Drill Now” Message?

    Potent enough that even as Nancy Pelosi opposes it, she is compelled to tell members of the House Democratic Caucus that they can feel free to dissent from her hard line. Now that this fissure is public, it would behoove the GOP to shine a big, gleaming spotlight on it and see what it can do about emphasizing and increasing the differences between House Democrats | Read More »

    My story of Monday, August 4

    I read about what happened in the House on Friday, and was immediately excited that finally, FINALLY some elements of Congress were willing to stay and work harder than their schedule demanded. When I read on Sunday that Roy Blunt had issued a memo calling for it to happen again, I was excited: I wanted to see this. So, as a seventeen-year-old with no car | Read More »

    McCain Calls on Congress to Reconvene to Solve Energy Crisis

    Now, as all of us here know by now, a small group of Republicans (one certainly wishes it was bigger group) have been gathering in the House chamber since the recess to protest the decision by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to have Congress go into recess without attempt to solve the energy crisis, and if the Republican Cloakroom website is any indicator (and it | Read More »

    Proud to be a Republican

    I’ve been reading Ben’s dispatches from the Capitol and it’s about time to say it: today has made me prouder to be a member of the Republican Party than any day I can think of in recent memory, which for me is about the past 6 years. When Nancy Pelosi shut out the lights and turned off the microphones on Congress, she made an unequivocal | Read More »

    Congress should return to session as soon as possible and be allowed to vote on OCS drilling

    Even though I am scheduled to be in Texas today, I chose to remain in Washington to participate in the GOP effort to draw attention to America’s current energy situation, and to the fact that we in the House were prevented from voting on a substantive, comprehensive energy plan in June or in July. This week’s activities will involve everybody who is near the Capitol. | Read More »

    They Came to Make a Ruckus

    Ben Domenech is currently at the Capitol and will be filing live reports from the Republican energy “Speak-in.” Keep checking below the fold for updates. So here they come, those stubborn House Republicans, the persistent vagabonds of Washington D.C., haunting the footsteps of absentee Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The cameras are off – the microphones are off – and the long line of Capitol Hill tourists | Read More »

    GOP Leadership

    Pelosi and her Democrat friends refused to address the energy crisis today, closing up shop early and refusing to vote on off-shore drilling. Off-shore drilling is a measurable and tangible solution to the energy crisis that we are experiencing. Funny thing is, Democrats probably complain most about high gas prices, but are doing the least to address it. House Republicans decided they would not leave | Read More »

    President Bush should call the House into Special Session to deal with the Energy Crisis

    This morning, our GOP House leadership delivered a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) asking her to call the House back into emergency session this month to deal with the country’s growing energy crisis. The letter said, in part: With American families and small businesses facing record high gasoline prices, Congress has adjourned to leave Washington for a five-week break. The message this sends to | Read More »

    The People’s House

    None of the majors are reporting this. Republicans have taken over the House floor and have filled the galleries and floor with staff and visitors all chanting and cheering for more American-made energy. Over 20 members of Congress have returned to the Floor after the chamber’s proceedings concluded to protest Democrat energy policies. Democrats left town for a five week vacation without voting on a | Read More »

    Thoughts on the Veepstakes

    Charlie Crist (R-Florida)Pros: “Chain Gang Charlie” is the young governor of a crucial swingstate, a remarkably strong fundraiser, a crucial early supporter, not a Washington insider, and somewhat appealing to moderates.Cons: Christian conservatives remain bitter about his (lack of) performance in the Terri Schiavo debacle and his personal life remains controversial, with allegations of homosexuality being spread.Thoughts: Governor Crist is a good governor and a | Read More »

    MI Morning Update: McCain Super Saturday A Big Success

    100 Days until Election Day July 27, 2008  MORNING UPDATE: SUPER SATURDAY A BIG SUCCESS…as Republicans statewide came out to various Victory Centers and county headquarters to kick off the campaign season.  We had folks working the phones, others knocking on doors, delivering yard signs and literature statewide.  Thanks to all who participated. OBAMA…if the Europeans like him so much…shouldn’t we begin to worry…more? MEDIA | Read More »


    It is being played. About the only thing that needs to be added to the mix is increased publicity concerning the actions of Senate Republicans, along with questions on why Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats won’t allow for offshore drilling to take place in light of the tremendous gas price increase the country has experienced. If those questions are asked insistently, Republicans will gain | Read More »

    Governor Schwarzenegger favors Democrats in judicial appointments

    Governor Schwarzenegger has announced a new slate of judicial appointees, and he is now completely favoring left-wing Democrats. In the past he was managing to appoint slightly more Republicans than Democrats, as Jon Fleischman points out, but now he has gone completely over the line and favors Democrats over Republicans. The numbers: in May he appointed 9 Republicans, 8 Democrats, but now he’s appointed 16 | Read More »