Kevin McCarthy is now the Chief Deputy Whip

    Congratulations to RedState friend Kevin McCarthy, a Republican Congressman from California. Eric Cantor has just named him the Chief Deputy Whip for the House Republicans. It is a fine choice.

    Start Acting Like a President

    From the diaries by Erick. This isn’t a post bashing President-elect Barack Obama or Democrats. This is a recommendation to the new incoming Administration and all Americans out there supporting it. The President-elect is no longer a candidate; he will be taking residence in he White House in a few short weeks. Yes, history will be made when he does this, but history will also | Read More »

    Paulson is the Village Idiot

    There have been superfluous opines and dissertations, many on this blog, about the wisdom of Paulson’s bailout plan. This would be the contrivance where we throw lots of our money to everyone with a hand out and live happily ever after. Not only is Mr. Paulson’s plan a case of “too little, too late”, but it is the wrong plan and was stated as such | Read More »


    Essentially the State of Nebraska is a solid GOP bastion. Even in a solidly Democratic year, the Republicans can win statewide because of their strong GOP registration advantage. As of October 2008, the numbers look like: Rep: 558,465Dem: 392,943Ind: 195,507with a smattering of other smaller parties. Nebraska has all Republicans in Statewide elected office, including: Governor Dave HeinemanLt. Gov. Rick SheehySecretary of State John GaleAuditor | Read More »

    Is the GOP-Conservative Marriage Worth Saving?

    In light of the most recent Gallup poll numbers, which show the GOP’s image taking a pounding and even its own members believing it needs to become more conservative, there is reason to ask whether the long union between conservatives and the Republican apparatus is worth maintaining. On the latest TQ podcast, Brian Gottstein, John Taylor and I discuss this and a lot more. Download, | Read More »

    It’s a trust thing

    Ramesh Ponnuru, writing in Time, does a pretty good job of assessing the current state of the Republican Party. Republicans are feuding in the wake of the November election. But they are not descending into civil war. That would be too tidy. What is unfolding instead is an overlapping series of Republican civil wars, each with its own theme. Ponnuru then goes on to explain | Read More »

    2012? Think January 2009

    It’s not flattery. It’s precisely what we’re trying to encourage: hence, the promotion from diaries. – Moe Lane Take the Holidays off, enjoy your family, and go to your January precinct or district meeting. Learn to organize a precinct or a district; it’s a lot harder but a lot more productive than philosophizing. I’ve never done that sort of work as a Republican. By the | Read More »

    Gallup: Republicans Prefer Palin for 2012

    In a survey of Republicans and political independents who “lean” toward the GOP to determine which prospective candidates they would and would not like to see run for president in 2012, Governor Sarah Palin tops the list of those receiving positive responses. Gallup conducted the poll Nov. 5-16.

    MI Morning Update: 11-22-08

    710 Days Until Election Day November 22, 2008 QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Once they’re in power, the Democrats will be reminding the voters that corruption is not limited to Republicans." — Mark GREBNER, of Practical Political Consultants, in MIRS with one reason why Republican could do better in the 2010 election than they did this year. MORNING UPDATE: STATE COMMITTEE MEETING…our next State Committee meeting will | Read More »

    Bronx County Young Republicans

    Obviously parts of the party leadership are arguing still over who is responsible for our result in this last cycle. Some parts of the party are trying to figure out who should lead next. And some still are arguing what comprises the principles of the party. I myself have decided the best way to fix what ails my political party is to rebuild from the | Read More »

    CO-4: A Microcosm of the 2008 Election Results

    The results from Colorado’s U.S. House District 4 are representative of the nation as a whole in many ways. The voter demographic is approximately 1/3 each Democrat, Independent, and Republican. The less-populated rural areas voted for Republicans, while the heavily-populated urban areas voted for Democrats. An unpopular incumbent was replaced by someone from the opposing party, even though (s)he was quite liberal. At first glance, | Read More »

    The GOP’s Senator Problem

    The GOP really does have a Senator problem — a group of old kleptocrats who’ve been around for so long, they view themselves as entitled to power, prestige, and graft. One of the Senators who is not willing to get comfy is Senator Jim DeMint. It must gall the other members of the Senate Republican Caucus that Jim DeMint thinks they should stand for something. | Read More »

    From the “No …. Sherlock” file

    According to Gallup: The Republican Party’s image has gone from bad to worse over the past month, as only 34% of Americans in a Nov. 13-16 Gallup Poll say they have a favorable view of the party, down from 40% in mid-October. The 61% now holding an unfavorable view of the GOP is the highest Gallup has recorded for that party since the measure was | Read More »

    New Captain at the Helm of American Healthcare

    As all major news outlets are reporting , former Senator Tom Daschle has accepted an offer from President-elect Barack Obama for the post of Health and Human Services Secretary. While most people were aware that Daschle was on the short list for the job, the healthcare industry at large is not responding well to the fact that he actually got the post.

    Republican Leaders Must Put Principles Before Parochial Politics

    Reps. Thaddeus McCotter and Dave Camp want to be among the next generation of House GOP leaders. McCotter is running for reelection as chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee and Camp is angling to be ranking member of the Ways and Means Committee. Both lawmakers hail from Michigan, and for that reason, they support a bailout of the Big Three automakers. Congressmen should take | Read More »