The Issue is not Joe the Plumber

    The socialist spread-the-wealth message was the real news. But instead of covering what Obama said, the MSM are examining and trashing Joe W. In two days we will know more about Joe the Plumber than we know about Barack Obama. We know Joe’s union status, but we don’t know Obama’s grades in Columbia and Harvard. We know Joe’s complete financial history, but we don’t know | Read More »

    Rub a Dub Dub

    Rub a dub dub,Three men in a tub,Who do you think they be?Obama’s up front,Rezco holds the bunt,And Ayers he makes three. But there on the shore,He would have been four,Wright is the man you don’t see,He had to be true:”Don’t trust whitey or Jew! Come along and damn America with me.” But Obama’s so smart,He’s had a good start,Raising money foreign and domestically,He’s told | Read More »

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    Great New 527 Ad

    It’s a one minute spot, but could easily be reduced to a potent thirty second ad. This is how you tie Obama’s past with the future and the election. This is how we win:

    I find the “Barry” moniker is most puzzling.

    Here was his point… The original strategy was to emphasis the whole name “Barack Hussein Obama”, with even extra emphasis on the middle name. The name sounds foreign (it is) which makes the person attached to that name unamerican. This “Barry” stuff totally undermines that strategy. Barry is that guy down the street who helps the old lady mow her lawn. Barry is the popular | Read More »