Obama – To Vet or Not to Vet

    Maybe we should finally get around to doing a little vetting of the Democratic President who in fact just happens to be running for a second term. He’s a hard scamp to keep track of, we know from 2008 that most of his immediate friends looked like America’s Most Wanted. Let’s first revisit Maxine Water’s comments back in September 2011 when Obama spoke to the | Read More »

    Obama Addresses Blagojevich Scandal

    “Do you have another question?” Well, guess that clears up this mess. Nothing going on here. I am just surprised that this know-nothing report wasn’t the recipient of a Smiting From Heaven for having the temerity to expect a (if not THE) deity to answer a question. However, the reporter continued, trying to get Obama to remedy a seeming conflict between Obama’s “hands-off” approach dealing | Read More »

    Scuttlebut Around America 2008

    Mrs. Claus and the elves are restless whispering and sharing some more bad news – Santa’s gone to the White House with the out of money bluesThe “White House Mavericks,” Paulson, Pelosi, Dodd and Reid are hiding behind closed doors – playing dirty monopoly not attending to choresDennis Miller has written a new speech for Biden – so now dear Joe is jumping with joy | Read More »

    INVESTIGATIONS: Obama squandered taxpayer money to fund his campaign contributors

    Update: Also in reaction to this, shame on obama for using low-income as code word to enrich his friends.As AP investigates a cheap thrill, they forgot to report that Obama’s main fundraisers and advisers were developers that were enriched by Obama’s supposedly “low income” housing policies.These “Redistribution” policies that Obama supports are fronts for “legal” corruption that allows politicians to funnel money to their supporters.According | Read More »

    Any big surprises left

    Why will Obama not provide his birth certificate on the Berg lawsuit? Would it not be the simplest way to approach it. Could this become an issue before this election is over? Does anyone think that he may actually have been born in Kenya?Also, is the Fitzgerald investigation of Rezko going to ultimately turn up something on Obama? Again, before election day? Are these both | Read More »

    A Real Man or Obama

    Give America a real man, one who has the courage to stand toe to toe with the Republicans, Democrats, lobbyists and special interest groups. A man who places “country first” and admires his fellow Americans for their resiliency, creativity and strong family values. John Maxwell has a perfect description for a good leader, “The first step to leadership is servanthood. and unlike Obama, John Mccain | Read More »

    A Parody of an Obama Stump Speech

    My fellow comrades, I, Barack Obama am so honored to be the candidate for the socialist party of the United States. I pledge to change America, in the way Lenin changed the Russia into the USSR. I pledge that the US shall be renamed The United Socialist States of America, or USSA. I will initiate my progessive tax plan on Americans, so that all shall | Read More »

    Obamas friends

    I received this email. I thought it was worth sharing.This election has me very worried. So many things to consider. About a year ago I would have voted for Obama. I have changed my mind three times since than. I watch all the news channels, jumping from one to another. I must say this drives my husband crazy. But, I feel if you view MSNBC, | Read More »

    Theme: Obama Chooses His Friends Carefully

    This needs to be hammered in ads and on the stump and, yes, by McCain in the last debate.In his own words, Obama says in his book “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully.”Really, friends like Ayers. Mayor Daley says Ayers and Obama are “friends” and Axelrod has as well.Obama has friends like Wright and Pfleger and Rezko as well! | Read More »

    Obama, Blago and Rezko

    Wow! Four Great Blue Herons just flew over my house. Absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring. It’s nice to take a short break from the anxiety of the economy and the election and appreciate nature and beauty. deep breath Back to politics…John Kass has another great article in the Tribune today:

    Character First

    It is less than a month before the 2008 election and most voters do not really know Barack Obama. They know this image as a charismatic speaker and they know he says he is going to “change” America and the world. He says he is a difference kind of politician we can believe in.Obama identifies all the ills of America – lost jobs, high prices, | Read More »

    Where Are the Swift Boaters?

    By this time in 2004, the Kerry campaign was starting to come unwound, thanks in large part to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. By raising some ugly truths from Senator Kerry’s past, the Swift Boaters and their advertising shifted the tide of the ’04 Presidential campaign. John McCain needs just such a shift now. And it’s not like there’s no material. If John Kerry, | Read More »

    Rezko is supposedly talking to the Fed’s

    I found this on the blog Crime, guns and videotape this morning. It is linked to a Chicago Sun Times article which is interesting to read. Tell me what you guy’s think could this be Obama’s October Surprise!http://www.crimefilenews.com/2008/09/obamas-october-surprise-hillary-clinton.html

    Re: Rezko sentencing.

    But you do have to admit: it’s one heck of a Fitzmas present.

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    Barry Mud Slinger

    Barry Mud Slinger Theme SongWho’s the greatest mud slinger of all?Who can buy a great big house with Rezko subsidies?What kind of slimy worm guy?Who’s lied like a dog to chase his Prez destiny?Who’s got a segmented lot?It’s Barry… MudslingerIt’s Barry…MudslingerIt’s the Barry Mud Slinger Show!Glass jaw Barry should be more careful when throwing stones. John McCain can own as many houses as he wants | Read More »