Rick Goddard Closing Strong in GA-08

    As Ron noted in the diaries yesterday, the race in GA-08 is close. Congressman Jim Marshall’s internal polling has him up higher than most independent polls are showing. He is also banking on a large black voter turnout for Obama to help put him over the finish line. But, there is a large undecided vote and the demographics favor General Rick Goddard, the Republican challenger. | Read More »

    Battleground: GA-08

    In a year in which Democrats are set to make large gains across the board, there are but a few seats that can be gained by the Republican Party. One such seat is Georgia’s 8th Congressional District. The incumbent won by only 1,700 votes in 2006 and fancies himself as a “Conservative Democrat.” Congressman Marshall’s record speaks for itself, and he is easier to stomach | Read More »

    A Bright Spot for the GOP

    This morning I had breakfast with General Rick Goddard and Speaker Newt Gingrich. The GA-08 race is one of the bright spots on the horizon for the GOP. Two years ago Democrat Jim Marshall only held off Mac Collins by less than 2000 votes. This year, the 8th district will probably go to McCain and with it, could tip the balance to Goddard. There was | Read More »

    Rush Limbaugh Loves Jim Marshall. At Least Jim Wants You To Think So.

    Jim Marshall (D-GA) is running a very tough race against General Rick Goddard in Georgia’s 8th Congressional District. Goddard opposed the bailout. Marshall vote for it. Goddard is the Republican in this Republican leaning district. Marshall is the Democrat. Now on radio, Marshall is running an ad highlighting his NRA endorsement. Also in the ad, Marshall cites Joe Scarborough’s praise for Marshall’s stances in opposition | Read More »

    Jim Marshall on the Take. Support Rick Goddard

    Jim Marshall (D-GA) is one of the most endangered Democrats on Capitol Hill. His Democratic base does not like him because he supports the war and voted against SCHIP. The Republicans don’t much care for him either, though they’ve traditionally supported him. Lately, he’s been a bit too pro-union for the local GOP and he voted for the Wall Street bailout. After the bailout, Marshall | Read More »

    Jim Marshall’s Energy Plan

    I whip open my local newspaper and what do I find in the editorial section but a letter from Jim Marshall. Jim is my district’s representative. Lo and Behold, his letter is about a new energy plan he has signed on too. I’ll surmise it for you in few words. Drill a lot, put the federal revenue into developing technologies, and eliminate foreign oil dependence | Read More »

    Election 2008: Georgia

    I would like to take a few moments and go over the current lay of the land in Georgia for the 2008 election. Over the last few election cycles we have seen Georgia move more and more in the Republican camp. In 2002, Georgia voted in its first Republican Governor since Reconstruction, Sonny Perdue, and the 2006 statewide election only further solidified this gradual drift | Read More »

    Fred Takes a Bite Out of Liberals

    Four years ago I thought I had witnessed the most combative attack dog speech I would see for many years, when Senator Zell Miller unleashed his fiery wrath upon the Democrat party at the RNC. Looks like I was wrong. It began last night with President George W. Bush, with whom many Americans have qualms, endorsing McCain as being “ready” for the job. The President | Read More »

    Our Dear Friend Jim Marshall

    Our government is setup in a fashion such that we elect people who represent our interests in the federal government. This is a pretty basic statement anyone could find in any government textbook. In Dodge County we are represented by Representative Jim Marshall. Or that is the way things are supposed to be. For I do not believe that gas hovering between 3.75 and 4.00 | Read More »

    Where is Jim Marshall?

    Promoted from the diaries by Erick. I’m a little confused. Our allegedly conservative Democrat congressman, Jim Marshall, claims to support exploration for domestic energy sources. And yet, we’re now into the second week of the energy protest in the House, led by two of our truly conservative Georgia congressmen, and Rep. Marshall is still on vacation. Imagine the incredible message that would be sent to | Read More »

    Rick Goddard for GA-08

    More like this, please. — Erick The president stopped by yesterday afternoon to throw his weight behind the GOP’s effort to unseat Congressman Jim Marshall in the 8th Congressional District. At this point, I’m not so sure how much Bush’s presence helps any Republican candidate, but as the Telegraph points out, it’s pretty much become a tradition for the president to visit the 8th District | Read More »