An Amazing Time

    As you can tell, we’ve been away and busy at the RedState Gathering. Liz Cheney spoke. She was amazing. “America needs a commander in chief,” she said, ” not a global community organizer.” Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, Michael Williams, Ken Cuccinelli, Karen Handel, Tom Price, Pat Toomey, Roy Blunt, Jim DeMint, and Rick Perry all joined us in person or via video. It | Read More »

    Kay Bailey Hutchison will resign seat to run for Governor of Texas.

    I find some of the rhetoric going on between Senator Hutchison and Governor Perry to be already a bit harsh, so here are the bare bones of the story: Hutchison told WBAP-AM (820) host Mark Davis that she would officially kick-off her campaign in August. “Formal announcement: I am in. Then the actual leaving of the Senate will be sometime — October, November — that, | Read More »

    A Texas Petition Against Cap & Trade

    You don’t have to be a Texan to sign.  It will be delivered to the U.S. Senate during the days leading up to a vote.  The petition, started by Governor Perry can be found at the following URL: It reads: Please take a moment to sign the petition below as Governor Perry fights a massive Washington tax increase on Texas families. “Cap and Trade” legislation | Read More »

    TEA Parties, Texas Style

    Governor Perry attended 3 TEA Parties on Independence Day across Texas.  Among thousands of patriots he sent a clear message to Washington politicians: We’ve been taxed enough already! Video: In Washington, big government bailouts are rewarding failure and irresponsibility.  Massive pork projects are robbing taxpayers under the radar.  The colossal spending monster (Congress) is ultimately leading us to unbearable taxation and debt for the | Read More »

    Gone To Texas

    Why is Texas creating more jobs than any other state? Because it has less government says NR’s Kevin Williamson. Texas should be the model for Washington he says, including…….a part time legislature that makes $7K a year. Polish your resume Barney Frank. Watch here:

    Palin to back Perry in Texas

    A story on this morning sheds a lot of light, in my opinion, on what Sarah Palin’s plans going forward are likely to be. And let me say that while I thought Sen. Hutchison’s “dissing” of Palin was blown a little out of proportion, I certainly can’t say the senator didn’t bring this upon herself. GOP politics here in Texas may be finally getting | Read More »

    The “Rick Perry Remains Awesome” Open Thread

    Glenn Reynolds has a great video interview with Gov. Rick Perry. Check it out here. They actually get into the question of why Texas does not suck like California and Michigan. Awesome and true. Check it out. And consider this an open thread.

    Support Rick Perry

    Per my post below, the Perry Campaign has set up a Kimbia widget to contribute to his campaign. I highly encourage you to do so. Just as an editorial note, in this and all other cases, RedState is not raising the money. I’m recommending you support Rick Perry and the form below is processed by his campaign via the power of the internets.

    Re-Elect Rick Perry

    A lot of people like Rick Perry, but not all those people think he deserves re-election as Governor of Texas, a position he has held for going on ten years. He is being challenged in the GOP primary by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, not because she has new ideas, but because she thinks it is her turn. And that’s part of Perry’s problem. He has | Read More »

    Tea Party Two: The Town Hall

    This just in from Politico’s Andy Barr: Hoping to recapture the grassroots energy of last month’s “tea parties,” Republican Govs. Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Rick Perry of Texas will host a tele-town hall Thursday that’s being dubbed “Tea Party 2.0.” The Republican Governors Association said it is expecting 30,000 people to participate in the town hall, which will take place roughly one month | Read More »

    ‘Hitherto shalt thou come but no further’ Job 38:11

    Promoted by Erick. See also Justleavemealone’s post. Texas tells D.C. to BACK OFF! The Republic of Texas, lead by Governor Rick Perry, is drawing a line in the sand via HCR 50.  HCR 50 reaffirms the sovereignty of Texas and rights of states under the 10th amendment.  HCR 50 tells D.C. that their unbridled infringement on states and individual rights will no longer be tolerated, | Read More »

    Texas Joins the Fight for States’ Rights

    Texas is now officially on the States’ Rights bandwagon.  Don’t blame us for being slow; it just took a while to occur to us here in Texas that this could even be a issue! State Rep Brandon Creighton has sponsored HCR 50, calling for the Federal Government to “cease and desist”  any and all mandates “beyond the scope of … constitutionally designated powers.”  Don’t just | Read More »

    TX GOV: KBH Mocks Perry for Palin endorsement

    Lone Star Times reports that U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s website has posted a copy of a Texarkana Gazette editorial mocking Gov. Rick Perry for having received Sarah Palin’s endorsement: Palin has a certain cachet among conservatives. … But Lord, have mercy, she is an outsider with an opinion about Texas politics and government. And she sounds like the Yankee she is, if we use | Read More »

    Sarah Palin endorses Rick Perry for reelection

    The Texas Republican gubernatorial primary race has just gotten more interesting. The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Sarah Palin has endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry for reelection. According to Wayne Slater, who wrote the Morning News story, Gov. Perry’s campaign is using the Palin endorsement to try to peel away conservative support among women for Sen. Kay Baily Hutchison, Perry’s main opponent in the GOP primary | Read More »

    Kay Bailey Hutchison One Step Closer To Running For Texas Governor

    Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (Republican-Texas) has taken one step closer to running for the Texas Governorship by establishing an exploratory committe today.  She transferred one million dollars from her Senate campaign to start the committee.  It has been speculated for awhile that she would challenge sitting Governor Rick Perry (Republican-Texas) in the 2010 race.  She has already relinquished her leadership position as Chairwoman of the | Read More »

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