Never Gonna Give You(tube) Up

    I admit it. I go to YouTube a lot. A LOT. I can’t help it! There are some pretty funny videos at YouTube, along with the weird, the bizarre, the just plain disturbing, and the seriously creepy. I have a YouTube channel of my very own, in fact. Some of my videos are pretty funny too, as well as disturbing. But the relationship between YouTube | Read More »

    Tragedy Strikes Macy’s Parade

    BAM! My life is now complete. While this is not the official Thankgiving open thread, please treat this as an: Open Thread, you turkeys.

    Protest Video

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    Barack rolled?

    Don’t give up after the first few seconds. (H/T Southern Appeal) If there is one thing I like about the internet (actually there are 11), it’s that there are so many ridiculous and funny videos available from places like youtube. This is a Saturday afternoon open thread. Post your favorite funny videos. (Try to keep it as clean as you can, folks.) Bonus points if | Read More »