Obama’s Camp Followers

    A camp follower is a term used to identify civilians who follow in the wake of armies or service their needs whilst encamped, in order to sell goods or services that the military does not supply. These can include cooking, laundering, liquor, nursing, sexual services . . . Camp Followers of the American Revolution by Walter Blumenthal. “Rush will not get his wish and Mr. | Read More »

    Pawlenty for VP

    In my opinion Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty would be the perfect choice for McCain’s VP. Why? There are several qualifications a the veep needs to have; 1: Should be solidly conservative and attract votes from all ultra- conservatives, especially from the religious right. 2: Should be young and good-looking. 3: Should from a critical swing state. 4: Needs to be able to handle the presidency | Read More »