John Edwards’ Mistress Bares All in GQ Interview

    Rielle Hunter has broken her years-long silence on the details of her campaign affair with former would-be presidential candidate John Edwards, telling GQ in a candid interview–complete with a bizarre photo shoot featuring Hunter, wearing only pearls and a man’s white oxford shirt, atop a bed strewn with her love child’s stuffed animals–that she will love Edwards “till death do us part.” Dashing all hopes | Read More »

    John Edwards Admits Being a Lying, Adulterous Swine

    John Edwards, presumably to cadge a prime time speaking spot at the Democrat Convention, has confessed to 1) carrying on an affair with “documentary film maker” Rielle Hunter and 2) being caught with her in a Beverly Hills hotel last month by reporters from the National Enquirer. The made-for-Oprah confession will happen tonight on ABC. John Edwards repeatedly lied during his Presidential campaign about an | Read More »

    John Edwards lied…

    Sometimes the National Enquirer actually gets it right. John Edwards admits that he lied about the affair with Rielle Hunter. Of course he denies paternity of Frances Quinn Hunter, Rielle’s daughter, even though he hasn’t had a paternity test. Guess he’s not in the running for AG anymore, huh?

    The Dike Gives Way

    A few weeks ago I was one of the handful reckless enough to write about John Edwards, his mistress, and apparent out of wedlock offspring. I would use the nice old English word but I think I’ll run afoul of our bad word detector. Now the story has made its way into Edwards’s hometown newspaper, but in the context of what this scandal that everyone | Read More »

    The Silence of the Lambs

    Someone has to say it. Unless a fraud of the magnitude we’ve learned to expect from the New York Times or CBS News has been perpetrated on the public, John Edwards was caught visiting his mistress (lover, paramour, concubine, courtesan, kept woman, lady friend, squeeze, strange, etc.) in Beverly Hills hotel. A mistress who may or may not have given birth to his child, but | Read More »