Every election cycle in the past has always had some sort of an October Surprise. Kind of a GOTCHA! from each political party. (Consider it sort of an early Halloween trick, if you will). Some memorable;some,not so much. This week,thus far I would speculate that the Obama camp’s October Gotcha! was the announcement that Colin Powell would be honoring the Soci-Democratic party with his support | Read More »

    Why McCain For Today?

    Since America is voting in less than a month. I need America to make the right choice to continue on to 2009-future without making America have a bad face. Since we are still in the middle east and the new commander in cheif will come to the White House there will be good and bad decisions on hand from citizens like us. SO THE BEST | Read More »

    Obamalogic – Premies Aren’t People

    Barack Obama is committed at all costs to keeping all forms of abortion at any stage in the pregnancy, legal. One of the interesting consequences of this position is that it necessarily involves denying that a child is a person unless that child was full-term and intentionally delivered. For instance CNS News reports that Obama declared in 2002: Obama went on to question whether the | Read More »

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