John Cornyn Makes His Choice, And It’s A Bad One

    You know, I generally like, and support Senator John Cornyn. He has been a great Senator, and was outstanding as Attorney General of Texas. So it pains me to have to write this entry. In fact, as part of my continuing series on the time for choosing in the Republican party, I had something completely different planned for this spot. But Senator Cornyn has made | Read More »

    A Time For Choosing……An Open Letter To The Republican Party

    In October of 1964 Ronald Reagan addressed the Republican National Convention and a television audience. At the time America was headed into liberalism in a big way. Democrats were looking to grow the government in ways our founders never dreamed of. The “Great Society” was upon us. Reagan, a newly minted Republican, remarked that he didn’t leave the democrat party, the party left him. Reagan | Read More »

    Californians hate Schwarzenegger

    … and they <a href=”″><span style=”font-style:italic;”>really</span> hate the Democratic legislature</a>: <blockquote>Schwarzenegger’s approval rating has dropped to 33 percent, his lowest ever in the poll, and the Legislature gets positive ratings from a mere 11 percent of likely voters.</blockquote> Since the only thing of note that Schwarzenegger and the legislature have done recently is the budget deal, I think it’s fair to say the public doesn’t | Read More »

    Foil the Taxinator’s evil plot!

    Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to tax the crap out of you if you work, drive, or spend in California. Perhaps we can organize to defeat Prop 1A and recall Schwarzenegger’s band of tax-hiking legislators. But there are things you can do immediately to cut your own taxes and foil Schwarzenegger’s evil plot. The huge tax increases go into effect April 1, so that would be a | Read More »

    Cal Senate Dems Desperate for Third RINO

    Got two, need one more, anyone? After two days of Democrats trying desperately to convince the GOP that what they were trying to accomplish wasn’t really to raise taxes to appease their union benefactors but to save the state, they failed to coerce enough of the Republicans to get it done. The Democrats did manage to convince two of the three Republicans they needed, Senate | Read More »

    Stay of execution for California taxpayers?

    With this gang of crooks in Sacramento, I don’t want to get my hopes up. But we haven’t had a vote yet on the massive tax hikes that Schwarzenegger wants to impose on Californians. The leftists wanted a vote today. California already has the highest income taxes in the nation and the highest sales taxes in the nation. Schwarzenegger and the Democrats want to raise | Read More »

    Follow TN’s lead and kick the RINO traitors out

    When I read in my local paper that the House Republicans in Nashville, after having taken control of the House had one of their own band with the Democrats to vote in a RINO for speaker I was not surprised. The plague of Republicans in Name Only is a pox on all our houses in the GOP. When I read that the party voted Kent | Read More »

    3 Republican senators get suckered – Obama Seeks to Restore Some Stimulus Spending

    Cross Posted at The Political Class 3 Republican senators get suckered – Obama Seeks to Restore Some Stimulus Spending I hate to say that we told you so but this is too good to pass up.  I commented here last week and stated that Obama and his crew will come back for more money.  Sure enough per the Wall Street Journal.   Here’s a link to | Read More »

    John McCain suffering from political Stockholm Syndrome?

    The Washington Post’s headlines blare Senate Gets Reacquainted with McCain the Maverick. John McCain is at it again, hand-slapping Republicans for delaying Hillary Clinton’s confirmation. Sen. John Cornyn wanted to delay the vote in order to examine Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation foreign donors. McCain publicly scolded Republicans like Sen. John Cornyn for having the audacity to ask questions instead of blindly jumping on the liberal | Read More »

    Then and Now: California Assemblyman Anthony Adams

    California Assemblyman Anthony Adams, 11/25/08: “It is absurd for Democrat to refuse to live within their means and expect California’s taxpayers to pick up the tab for their poor spending choices,” said Adams. “California’s families have been hit hard by the economic downturn and are struggling to balance their own family’s budget. With the holiday season approaching, Californians shouldn’t have to choose between putting presents | Read More »

    Senator McCain being “McCain.” Offers another strong case for term limits

    Go ahead and say it…Maverick. Will there be any primary opposition for his Senate reelection bid? If so, please inform me. I plan on donating my life’s savings towards his or her campaign. In a surprising rebuke to the warriors who fought for him through tough times, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Sunday sided with President-elect Barack Obama and scolded the Republican National Committee for | Read More »

    Kathleen Parker Take Off the Blindfold

    People who read Kathleen Parker’s continued attacks on the religious conservatives in the Republican party should see it for what it is: an ongoing effort to topple the party by destroying its foundation.

    Senator Jim DeMint promotes merit over senority

    For too long the Republicans in the Senate have clung to the senority system. This is the kind of system that results in giving people like Ted Stevens of Alaska the chairmanship of the Senate Approrpriations Committee and Arlen Specter the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Thankfully, Senator Jim DeMint, one of the most fiscally conservative US Senators, is asking Mitch McConnell for a | Read More »

    A New Call to Action

    I am sure many of you who subscribe to Human Events Mailing have seen this, but I wanted to get out the link to show the RINO’s that we are not willing to let go of our party…let them try to fight us!Join Michael Reagan in this fight by signing up here

    Powell’s Endorsement, from a military point of view

    That’s about how shocking General Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama is, least it should be. Senator Lieberman, a moderate Democrat, endorsed Senator McCain and we all know how much of a staunch conservative Republican he is. In 1995, Colin Powell was seen, again as a potential running mate for Senator Bob Dole. However, Bob Dole would respond to the idea with the following (quoting the | Read More »