The Dividing

    Liberty can only exist under a certain set of circumstances; where our government is limited and the people believe in, trust in and follow God and the small parameters that are placed around us for our protection. Many in the liberty movement claim to want to return to the principles of our founding, but they don’t really. To return to the principles of our founding is to return to the principles of Christianity and the Bible, where liberty can truly be found.

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    No Compromise on Life

    Many members joined the RLC reluctantly, with the promise and understanding that the Washington State Charter would adopt a solidly pro-life position. It is now clear that this will not happen, and as such, I have tendered my resignation. Many others are in the process of doing the same. Please find my letter to my County Chapter Chaiman, which includes my reasoning for my resignation, below.

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    Liberty Without Life Is No Liberty at All

    One of the fastest growing political movements in Washington State is the Republican Liberty Caucus.  The RLCWA chartered in December of 2012, shortly after the Washington State Republican Party had suffered a crushing defeat.  In the five short months since chartering, the RLCWA has grown to over 250 members (it shows no signs of stopping there!) and is the largest state chapter of the RLC | Read More »