The Questionnaires.

      Morton Blackwell sent a very lengthy questionnaire to the candidates for RNC Chairman. He has gotten back his responses. Matt Lewis posted them in full at In reviewing them, I have to say I am very impressed by Ken Blackwell’s responses. That said, I continue to touch base around the country with RNC folks and continue getting the impression that Mike Duncan is | Read More »

    Saul Anuzis Responds to RedState

    Some weeks ago, RedState asked the candidates for RNC Chairman to provide some responses to ten issues we’re deeply interested in. The issues go beyond the need for a spokesman for a party and get to the heart of what the RNC and the RNC Chairman are all about. Saul Anuzis is the first to respond. What follows is his unedited response: Thank you for | Read More »

    Reforming, Top Down

    The fact that Republicans lost their credibility with the American public on matters of ethics and corruption is no secret, but what still confounds the Party leadership is that we’ve yet to be miraculously forgiven for our many, many indiscretions. In an email today to all 168 voting members of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, former Chairman of GOPAC and contender for the RNC | Read More »

    Michael Steele on Ethics

    Michael Steele has a new video on Ethics on his RNC Campaign website:

    Mike Duncan Will Run

    If I had to call it, Mike Duncan is the front runner for election at RNC Chairman. No bones about it. Whether you might like it or not, Duncan is the guy to beat. The majority of the 168 men and women who will vote, like him and think he can do even better without having to stand in Bush’s shadow. I talked to Mike | Read More »

    Answers Still Wanted

    A few weeks ago, the Directors of this site published this post seeking answers to ten questions from the candidates for RNC Chairman. We are still waiting. Here is my compromise plan. I’ve heard from a few of you that you are bogged down in Morton Blackwell’s questionnaire. I’ve seen it. I’m sympathetic. Send us a copy of your answers to him and we will | Read More »

    Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis

    I read in USA today Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis want’s to be the RNC chairman. I thought the article was rather disturbing. “Anuzis said the next RNC leader has to be familiar with the latest technology if the party is to rebuild. Given his familiarity with blogging, twittering and raising money over the Internet, he thinks he’d be the best to move the party | Read More »

    Enter Rove, Stage Right

    Let me be clear, I have no idea how you become Chair of the Republican National Committee. I don’t know if you write a letter or let certain people behind the scenes know you could be tempted or send up smoke signals. But it seems logical to me that one thing you might do is write a detailed proposal of how the party can come | Read More »

    RNC Chairmanship

    Tune in to Fox’s Hannity & Colmes tonight at 9pm EST for an important segment regarding the RNC Chairmanship.Also, Michael Steele will hold a conference call with bloggers on Friday at 3:15 PM Eastern and you are invited to join him.Please RSVP by replying to Patrick Hynes and he will send you the dial-in instructions.Many thanks

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