Palin’s Performance: Exceeded Expectations (By Quite A Bit) … But She Didn’t “Win”

    I’m a tough grader. Palin did not win. But she certainly did not lose. I’ll be honest; I don’t believe Palin “mopped the floor” with Biden (who I actually think came off rather well) at all. What I do think is that she did good given that she was not as regularly opportuned with the last word as her opponent was. And personally I would | Read More »

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    Scorched Earth partisanship is the best way to pass the Bailout Bill

    We have Democrats on record defending Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, some are even on YouTube. We have facts and figures on our side while the worst the Left can level is that Rick Davis’ firm had Fannie Mae for a client when he was no longer there. We have news articles dating from as far back as 1999 warning about the crisis that could | Read More »

    RNC’s Comprehensive Response on Fannie/Freddie Fiasco and the Roles of Obama Campaign

    I find the following statements from the RNC to be clearly informative, highly detailed and right on the issue regarding the current financial market crisis due to the fall of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The link is in here. It also proves how the Obama Campaign, especially Obama’s top advisers, is deeply linked to the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fiasco. The statement of | Read More »


    Howard Dean’s DNC Negates Obama’s Cash Edge

    Barack Obama released his August fundraising numbers today, and it was an impressive haul: $66 million — the best month ever for a presidential candidate. Interestingly, Obama’s campaign hasn’t addressed why they felt compelled to release this information a week earlier than they had planned. Given the spate of bad news about the direction of the campaign, you have to think it was to stanch | Read More »

    New RNC Ad: not a good play.

    This is a great ad, in the sense that it makes Obama look like a bad guy, fires up the female demographic and makes Republicans laugh. Here’s my problem with it: it’s a deliberate misrepresentation of what actually happened: Now, Obama can be taken to task for misrepresenting McCain’s views. He can be taken to task for, through his actions and voting record, defining “Change” | Read More »

    Reagan Revolution, part 2

    I remember the first time I heard Reagan speak to the RNC back in 1976 in my dorm room at Morehead.  It wasn’t when he first ran on the ticket but 4 years before that.  He had run in the primary but didn’t win the nomination.  However he was given the opportunity to speak at the RNC and his plain talk and down home wit won | Read More »

    MSNBCs Rachel Maddow: LIAR!

    I never thought I would find a more liberal “journalist” than Keith Olbermann (no link provided as I don’t wish to promote his form of politics), but tonight, on the popular MSNBC program Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the show was guest hosted by Rachel Maddow (again, no link, again for the same reason). She has taken over from Keith Olbermann in my mind as the | Read More »

    Why McCains speech was good

    Although McCain’s speech wasn’t as good as Palin’s he did manage to do something he is used to doing. That is, talk to the middle or the road voter. McCain being called a maverick is a good spin on someone the conservative base often disagrees with. He let Palin do the bad talking on Wednesday and this enabled him to hit home the reason he | Read More »


    I have been watching as much possible coverage of the RNC as I can lately and I must say that it is one of the most incredible conventions in a long time. McCain spoke with such conviction and boldness, while Palin brought the crowd to its feet with an energy level that was through the roof. Can’t wait for more coverage tonight.


    Who Exactly Was Fox Showing During McCain’s Speech? And Why?

    If you were watching John McCain’s acceptance speech at the RNC on Fox, then this image was hard to miss: After posting recently about Sarah Palin and the 49-star flag, the appearance of a 51-star flag really got my attention. The network kept showing this section, but I could not tell which delegation this was. Most likely, it was Washington, DC, but it could have | Read More »

    John McCain’s Speach

    Like many others I watched the speach given by John McCain last night. I agree it was not the best speach ever given, at points it was slightly boring but we have to remember that John McCain is a leader. We will elect him to lead this great nation not to entrance us with word. The media is talking about how his speach differed with | Read More »

    McCain Being McCain

    Tonight’s speech was not the stick of dynamite that last night’s speech by Sarah Palin was. It was not supposed to be. It accomplished everything it set out to accomplish. It established McCain’s personal story of heroism, but above that, it put that story in the context of his vision for the entire country. His delivery dragged and was a bit awkward at points – | Read More »

    Hey! I use Lava…

    It became apparent to me last night, that the speakers were being spread out as evenly as possible. By far, however, last night was it. Romney did well, Huckabee rocked, Rudy dug in and attacked, and Palin – well she was amazing. The “angry left” disagrees I’m sure, yet I’ve heard much buzz around these parts here today. My classes are typically full of left | Read More »

    Wed night RNC speeches – Mitt and Mike

    Mitt was okay; Mike was very very good. The funniest thing was at the end, when Olbermann smugly said he had to correct two factual errors from Huckabee – and in the course of doing so called Obama’s VP nominee “Governor Biden” and talked about the votes he received in the California and Florida primaries, the latter being one that didn’t count right?

    Wed night RNC speeches – Carly Fiorina

    “I know John McCain.” Repeat 100x. Carly sounds great in one-on-one sessions like the Sunday morning talk shows, but her delivery tonight is horrible. Maybe she’s not used to a TelePrompTer? I hope things pick waaaaay up from here.