VPs and Disunity: What If This Happened To Us?

    Everybody is going nuts over how the DNC is split this year in Denver. Will Hillary publicly release her delegates? Will there be a full roll call vote? Will Clinton-backers break for McCain?Well, here’s an idea: Revamp the VP selection process!All of the Dems’ current discords could have been prevented if the VP nominee was the second-highest delegate-getter in the primaries. With this, the Dems | Read More »

    Behold the Power of RedState

    We’ve asked that Bobby Jindal and Fred Thompson get speaking spots at the convention.They will.Below the fold is the full slate.


    Where is the leadership on energy?

    We appreciate the RNC Chairman stopping by the front page. — ErickIn recent days, there has been much talk (and justifiably so) of Barack Obama touting tire inflation as the solution to America’s energy woes.  Republicans, together with John McCain, have been arguing for some time that a truly comprehensive approach, including more off-shore exploration, more nuclear power, and enhanced reliance on alternative energies and | Read More »

    TV One to cover DNC and after-parties but not RNC

    TV One plans to cover the Democratic National Convention and even the Wrap Parties, but CEO Johnathan Rodgers has no plans to bring the Republican National Convention to his audience. According to the Associated Press, TV One reaches 43.7 million households—almost one half of homes in the US with TVs. The network targets African-American adults. Rodgers told the AP and other news media, “We are | Read More »

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    The RNC is Looking for Platform Suggestions

    As the body politic continues its evolution, some things change and some stay the same. One thing that has been more or less relegated to the ash heap of history is the Party Platform. it’s a relic of a bygone age when principles and policy stances had meaning and one could glean a fairly accurate sense of the parties motives and direction. That day, I’m | Read More »

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