One of the best acronyms I’ve seen lately. Mark Steyn wrote a blurb on The Corner talking about the special election in NY District 23. This race has heated up tremendously but Mark Steyn came up with a perfect description for someone of Dede Scozzaflava or Arlen Specter’s ilk. DIABLO – Democrat In All But Label Only! Newt really needs to re-think his support for | Read More »

    Profile in cowardice: My adopted congressman ducks constituents

    As a former Nashville resident, I recently adopted (co-, actually) Rep. Jim Cooper, who reputedly said something fiscally conservative at some point in his life. My bet is this so-called Blue Dog Democrat is about to cast his lot with President Barack Obama’s scheme to nationalize our medical care. From a recent newspaper article emerges this profile in cowardice: “Health-care reform opponents hoping to give | Read More »

    Romney for NRCC?

    In today’s “Bad idea” segment I am struck by the defeatism that seems rampant in this post. First it assumes a loss in this election when the polls are showing things as close as even. Bad idea. Second, it all but assumes we ‘would likely lose’ against an incumbent Obama in 2012…I really don’t get that at all. If the blinders don’t fall off for | Read More »