Sturgis Facts 2008

    Answers the outrageous charges and mud-slinging from Gary Peters (Liberal) MI-9 against Rocky Raczkowski regarding the frivolous lawsuit against Rocky. Gary Peters is desperate.  He voted for every liberal legislation during his two years in office and now that he must face the voters, instead of fighting for his position he resorts to lies and misleading ads.

    Is Congressman Peters into Censorship?

    Liberals have been touting for years of a plan to bring “Diversity” to the media by a means of another “Fairness Doctrine.”  Except, their plan is to allow only those opinions in which they happen to agree with.  We found this to be true when Stanely Kurtz of National Review Online appeared in the WGN Studios, Chicago in August of 2008. Here in Oakland County | Read More »

    Congressman Peters to Unvaluable to Win

    Congressman Peters is far from being ‘too valuable to lose”.  A person of value offers solutions to a problem and control is not considered a solution, at least not in a free nation. Healthcare: Controlling 1/6 of this nation’s economy is not a solution but a problem.  Instead of working across the aisle to determine the root cause of healthcare cost, a bill was rammed | Read More »


    The following article was originally written on August 20th and is being updated today with the revelation of what was in the Small Business Lending Fund Act of 2010. “I now believe that Members of Congress should not be allowed to request funding for local projects without also having a long-term deficit reduction plan in place,” Rep. Peters added. “I am hopeful that if we | Read More »

    Congressman Gary Peters got caught in his lie and vicious attack.

    ROCKY’S REAL BUSINESS PARTNER SPEAKS OUT [Birmingham, Michigan] — Today (9/29/2010) on the Frank Beckmann show, Rocky’s real business partner backed him up in his defamation lawsuit against Gary Peters. Speaking on the Frank Beckmann Show on WJR this morning, Jack Krasula, Co-Owner of Star Tickets Plus, made it clear that Peters’s charges were lies. “There was no fraud, no theft, no bribery — either | Read More »

    Rocky Works For Us, Gary Peters works For Pelosi

    While it took some time for Rocky to come out swinging against the false allegations from his far left liberal opponent Gary Peters, he timed it just right.  On the day of their first debate, Rocky filed suit against Peters for defamation of character and libel.  During the debate, Rocky was toe to toe with Peters, staying on the issues while Peters kept trying to | Read More »


    Kevin Krolicki (Reuters) reported that on September 16th that GM’s recently named CEO Dan Akerson had stated that ‘paying the government all at once would be unrealistic and could take several years.’ Skreech…………. Wait, wasn’t that Ed Whitacre, ex GM Chairman & CEO, on TV back in April with a new Ad called “Trust” telling us all that the TARP loans were paid “in full, | Read More »

    Diary about Gary Peters, Part III

      HR1106&S896 —–He Voted YES on modifying bankruptcy rules to avoid mortgage foreclosures. This amendment would allow bankruptcy judges to modify home mortgages by lowering the principal and interest rate on the loan or extending the term of the loan.  Why would a lender make a 30-year loan if they fear the powers of the Federal Government will violate the very terms of that loan?  | Read More »

    Incumbent Gary Peters (D) disrepects Women and slams the Tea Party

    Today at an Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority candidate forum,  Gary Peters referred to Rocky as a “tea-bagger” and said the Tea-party members are close-minded and create a polarizing rhetoric. Another attendee reported this: Gary Peters called Rocky a ‘teabagger’ at the Bloomfield Twp library this morning to a room of almost all women. This is a sexually obscene phrase–look at wikipedia if you’re not familiar. According to | Read More »

    Michigan lobbyist also Director for Iran Policy Committee

     Welday, candidate for MI’s 9th Congressional district recently lost all my respect when he came out with the most pathetic smear campaign and ads against his opponent Rocky Raczkowski, Rocky is a recent veteran, serving 3 tours oversees against the war on terror, he’s a businessman and served 3 terms in the MI state house.  After seeing the repulsive ads I decided to come out and let | Read More »

    Rocky Raczkowski for Congress – 9th District (MI)

    We have some good news in the 9th District. Rocky Raczkowski is running against Gary Peters. Rocky’s a good candidate who has a history of winning tough races. He won three times in Farmington Hills against democrats in a democrat leaning district won by Gore, Kerry, Granholm, and Obama. He even beat Aldo Vagnozzi, who later won the district three times himself. I was at | Read More »