CNN’s Martin counsels GOP contentment with State power

    CNN’s Roland Martin deems the post-Campaign 2012 Republican Party “autopsy” premature based upon election results at the state level and former House Speaker Tip O’Neil’s “all politics is local” admonition: On the national level, the GOP controls the U.S. House of Representatives while Democrats control the U.S. Senate and the Oval Office. But the real power (emphasis added) for the Republicans is on the state level, and there they | Read More »

    But Al Capone Wound Up in Jail and Died of Syphilis

    Roland Martin is giving voice to millions of frustrated Democrats who see Barack Obama has a larger Senate majority than George W. Bush ever had, in fact the largest majority in decades, and has not been half as effective at using it as Bush was with his majority.The difference, of course, is that Bush was largely pushing popular items like tax cuts and necessary items | Read More »

    CNN, Roland Martin, and Priorities

    From Roland Martin’s article on What the critics don’t see is that Obama’s loss on the Olympics is America’s loss. Any red-blooded American who loves to see the American flag raised and the national anthem played when one of our own wins a gold medal should blast the Republicans’ giddiness over the loss. Really?   So since the Olympics aren’t held in Chicago, when American athletes | Read More »

    Roland Martin is a Moron

    oland Martin is a CNN Commentator and Obama sycophant. He says I, and others, are celebrating American defeat by laughing over the loss of the Olympics.Mr. Martin is one of the leftists in this country who spent the last several years rooting against our soldiers and sailors in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a strange set of priorities that leads a man to root against | Read More »