Blaming Sandy

    I’m not a fan of early voting. I recognize that it’s not always convenient to saddle the pony and ride off across the desert to cast one’s ballot on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November, but this is a civic duty and I can’t find a promise to voters that this responsibility will be convenient. It’s like the walk to school, barefoot, in | Read More »

    The Campaign Hurricane e-mails: Obama seeks $$, Romney sends prayers

    Wow.  I never get used to it…  As hyper-informed and cognizant of the evil/buffoonery/cravenness of this administration as I am, I never get used to the petty, maladroit, and moronic e-mails with which they pepper their base.  No–I’m not part of the base, but my masochistic side subscribes to Obama-blasts, Moochelle-blasts, Messina-Axelrod-Springsteen-Sheryl Crow….  You get the point: masochism.  None so painful as this shameless tripe | Read More »

    Report: Pres. Obama May Win Ohio Based on Fake Auto Bailout Numbers

    President Obama and other Democrats are staking Ohio on the auto bailout. If they win here, it will be because they convinced Ohio voters that the economy is improving on President Obama’s watch and that Ohio is leading the way as a result of the auto bailout. They’re willing to give him another four years to do the same with the rest of the country. | Read More »

    Catching the Swing States

    It’s important to maximize our presence and influence in the swing states as there are only 7 days until the elections. We must utilize our resources and encourage voters to volunteer and catch the swing voters. It has now come down to six states, including: Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These states are the deciding factors of our future. Let’s analyze each state | Read More »

    Election Update

    Sometimes it’s all about momentum and options, and right now Mitt Romney has both. It’s a week before Election Day and it seems that the map is expanding for Governor Romney, which means that it’s contracting for President Obama. In this Election Update I’ll look at the current map and some scenarios that it suggests.  I’ll also give you some ideas about how to interpret | Read More »

    You Lie, Mr. President!

    Vladimir Lenin once said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” In the electronic age, the left has hammered this theory home harder than ‘ol Vlad could have ever imagined. Every day for two weeks, Team Obama and their media cronies repeatedly told the story of the anti-Muslim video inciting a riot in Benghazi causing the death of our Libyan ambassador and three other | Read More »

    Lena Dunham, Step Aside.

    My first time…how I remember. I didn’t want it to be with just anybody, so I found a really…great guy..or so I thought. He was hip. He was cool. His pals were celebrities and he really seemed to understand women. Almost immediately after I began to have doubts. Despite all the parties he attended and the vacations he took, I noticed he was always broke | Read More »

    WPA’s Weekly Political Brief

    As part of our continuing effort to keep our clients and friends up-to-date on the political environment as we head toward Election Day, 2012, every Friday WPA compiles the key numbers from the week and provides analysis of key trends.  This week’s analysis can be viewed in full at: In addition to the key political numbers, this week’s analysis includes: The illusion of the gender | Read More »

    Calling All Undecided and Unenthusiastic Conservative Voters!

    You know who you are.  You didn’t vote for Mitt Romney in the primary – he’s a moderate, was governor of a liberal state, isn’t consistently pro-life, etc.  He’s not your guy. You’re a Conservative – down to your bones.  You believe in free markets, liberty, as small a federal government as possible, less taxes, less government spending, less focus on foreign interests and more focus | Read More »

    The Obama Jobs Plan #2 – Energy Made In America

    The second part of Obama’s plan – which I am still trying to figure out why he didn’t release until two weeks before the election – is focused on achieving energy independence. His overall goal is to pursue an “all of the above” energy strategy. (Hasn’t he been saying this during his first term – before he started campaigning for re-election?) To do this, Obama | Read More »

    Imported from Detroit

    Here’s a happy surprise, fellow political junkies. If you look, you will probably find Romney Ryan signs in front of the Detroit News this morning. The Motor City’s future once teetered on the knife-blade of bankruptcy and, at least according to Team Obama, would have been cast aside as so much refuse if Mitt Romney had had his way. Romney was not in favor of | Read More »

    Democrat Denial on the Downslide

    I was talking to a liberal the other day. He and I have a funny rapport. Once, years ago, we had quite the political clash. I try not to be so vocal in settings where politics should be left at the door. A workplace, for instance. Sometimes, you have no choice. The rhetoric goes too far and the the facts need to be heard. That | Read More »

    Election Outcome Results

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I already know the outcome of this presidential race.  Barack Obama will not be reelected.  In fact, the gap is going to be a lot bigger than you expect in Romney’s favor. I successfully predicted long before anyone that Paul Ryan would be chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate.  It’s just a knack I have. The backlash, anger, and justifiable outrage that | Read More »


    In the aftermath of the second town-hall style Presidential debate, Democrats pounced on a statement made by Governor Romney concerning a question about equal pay for women in the workplace.  His explanation of how his administration worked with women’s groups included recounting that the women’s groups brought them “binders full of women.”  The statement exploded immediately, with those on the left painting the Governor as | Read More »

    The Obama Jobs Plan #1 — Manufacturing

    When I saw this headline on the Fox Nation – CNN: Not Only Is Obama’s Plan Old, but It Doesn’t Add Up – I laughed at first, but then I decided I would look at the plan to see what nonsense the administration is putting out. (You can download a PDF copy of the plan here.) On the first page, you get the overview of | Read More »