Should They Just Ignore Obama???

    Obama has requested a joint session of Congress to deliver a speech on the economy and jobs. In an unfortunate ”coincidence” the President has chosen the day of an important and long planned Republican Presidential debate for the session. This “coincidence” would effectively remove Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul from the debate by forcing their attendance to the joint session and making it impossible for them to attend the debate. | Read More »

    Are the Attacks on Herman Cain Actually Helping Him?

    Anyone can see that there is a concerted effort by Ron Paul supporters to attack Herman Cain. The reason is obvious: Herman Cain’s performance in the South Carolina debate sucked the oxygen out of the Ron Paul campaign. Paul–a fringe candidate at best–was depending heavily on making a show in the SC debate to drum up early enthusiasm (and donations) for his 2012 run. But | Read More »