Environmental Extremists Making Regulatory Policies?

    Ross Kaminsky has the top story at Human Events today. Although they were released on April Fools Day, new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations covering vehicle efficiency and water quality standards near mines are no joke.  Instead, they are the inevitable outcome when government puts environmental radicals in charge of writing regulations. These unelected bureaucrats, headed by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, have no regard for or | Read More »

    Global Warmists’ Mouths Frozen Shut

    Great column by Ross over at Human Events. After the climate hoaxers and extortionists quietly slunk home after their utter failure in Copenhagen, one might have expected a barrage of “the end is nigh” press releases by Al Gore and friends, explaining how the refusal of governments to kneecap their economies will lead to us all being slowly convection baked to death in a never-ending | Read More »

    Devil’s Dictionary of Healthcare Reform

    Ross Kaminsky has the top story at Human Events today. It is well worth a read. 2010 — The year in which Democratic health care “Reform” plans will raise your taxes, impose penalties on your company, and cause your health insurance premiums to increase dramatically, a remarkable achievement given that it is three full years before the plans suggest making any substantive changes to our | Read More »

    Rangel: The Most Corrupt Democrat?

    Ross has the top story and it is a great one this morning at Human Events. First there was “Countrywide Chris” Dodd (D-Conn.), whose combination of poor judgment and possible corruption qualifies him to be Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Then there was Tim “TurboTax” Geithner, whose false tax return filings qualify him to be Secretary of the Treasury. And now, in keeping with | Read More »