Confessions of a Political Junkie

    Reality sometimes necessitates jumping back into your life at times. I have two lives though and they have not, despite my best intentions, merged very well. There is the life there at home with the wife and children and the life here at RedState, which has, for the past year, been all consuming. In these past few weeks, I have mostly been absorbed in my | Read More »


    The Design

    We could have some fun with this. Martin does not much like the present site design and came up with a suggested alternative. I’m open to considering a design change, but I have to tell you that my big key in a change is readability and reduction of clutter. I’m also big on Helvetica and clean fonts. It is, however, a personal preference and I’m | Read More »


    Suggested Theme (Mock-Up) for RS 4.0

    I’ve been moaning and groaning about the site template (or theme) since the move from RS 2.0. Personally, I thought RS 1.0 and 2.0 templates were very good. RS 3.0? Well, it wasn’t just the CMS (I’m sure Neil would agree) that was cr*p. Let me be honest, I really, really, don’t like the RS 3.0 (and now 4.0) theme. I think it’s dull, depressing | Read More »

    RS 3.0 => RS 4.0: A Visual Representation

    RS 3.0: RS 4.0: Long live the Rebellion!


    About RedHot Access

    Those of you who had access to RedHot, but now don’t, please be patient. Neil didn’t realize I was going to give people access to RedHot, but not to the front page. Help is on the way.


    Let’s have an overnight thread

    If you are on Twitter, this is me on Twitter. This is RedState. This is me on Facebook. This is RedState’s Facebook Group. Now, what about you?

    Let me offer a thought

    I have gotten a number of emails from you guys thanking us for moving to WordPress. A lot of you know it. Some of you know it well.Some of you know the plugin architecture. Some of you can probably dream up very cool toys.For example (yeah, this is one I really want):Imagine having users insert into their profile the city and state they live in.Then | Read More »

    Just a few bugs

    Folks, just so you know, we do have a few bugs to work out around here. We (meaning Neil) are working them out as fast as possible. I appreciate all the positive emails and comments about the transition. We thought you’d like it.



    Folks, things look a little different around here today. We have, I hope, fixed our server problems without sacrificing usability, form, or function. You may have to reset your password. On the log in screen, you’ll see a link to set your password. It’ll get sent to your email address. If you have a problem, email


    As we promised, we’ve been working very hard to get the server issues resolved. Neil et al have done a bang up job. But to get everything implemented, they are going to have to take the server down. So if you show up later tonight and can’t get in, that’s what it is. Cool new feature when we come back: if someone posts a comment | Read More »