Rubin extolls Obama’s foreign policy “success”

    Former Clinton administration assistant Secretary of State James Rubin took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal today to extoll the virtues of President Obama’s foreign policy “success.” Mr. Rubin argues that unlike the regression that befell American influence and credibility across the global community under the Bush administration, President Obama has lifted the United States out of isolation and relegated the usual cast | Read More »

    Ecclectic Post

    Cash for Clunkers- saw where Chrsler claims cash for clunkers is causing them to add shifts. The lucky plants produce Dodge Ram,Town & Country, and a Jeep. Save for the Town &Country(the plant also produces the VW Toureg). Question is what were traded in,locomotives? The above vehicles are not right up there in the fuel economy stakes. Does anyone know if over the years there | Read More »