Prediction: Crist will now become a media darling.

    The lamestream media just love a Republican turncoat. They loved it when Colin Powell endorsed Obama. They loved it when all of McCain’s former campaign managers were dumping on Sarah Palin. They made a media star out of Richard Clark when he was critical of how George Bush handled pre-911 intelligence. Scott Ritter was some sort of weapon inspection god when he disagreed with the | Read More »

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    More evidence that Crist is going to bolt GOP

    The evidence is mounting daily that Crist will not only bolt the GOP to run as an “independent” (read Democrat lacky),  but do so in a manner calculated to cause as much damage to the GOP as possible: Exhibit 1:  Crist has asked for a federal probe of state GOP finances. Crist said “It’s a mess. This thing stinks.” and he stated they should examine | Read More »

    If Crist Dumps GOP, GOP Should Dump NRSC’s Chief Strategist Rob Jesmer

    In what is shaping up to be the best election year for Republicans in decades, there is one person who has almost single-handedly made the path to victory more difficult and costly for the Grand Ole Party. That person is National Republican Senatorial Committee’s chief strategist Rob Jesmer . Remember, Erick warned us back in 2008 that Jesmer could be a huge problem for winning | Read More »

    If it Were Really About the Everglades

    Yes, the state of Florida’s deal to purchase upwards of 70,000 acres from the failing U.S. Sugar Corporation (and another 100,000+ later on) will ultimately benefit the Everglades by returning large tracts of land to marsh, increasing natural water flow and flood control, and stabilizing water supplies for wild ecosystems and surrounding cities. The ends are one thing; the means are another. As this editorial | Read More »

    Crist’s exit strategy.

    So the blogosphere is simmering with the rumor that Charlie Crist is going to run as an independent if and when he loses to Marco Rubio in the GOP primary. Unlike Joe Lieberman, the best Dem example of this kind of sore loserness, Crist is not running because of any overriding principle, but rather because of an unbridled lust for power, and the desire to | Read More »

    The Rubio Rout; What Will Crist Do Next?

    In case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a new Rasmussen poll out and the numbers are pretty striking. A near 20 point advantage for Rubio means he has this all but sewn up barring a major reversal or gaffe. Given that he delivered a nice performance at CPAC, he can expect grassroots and other cash to flow into his coffers so Crist cannot dump | Read More »

    The Top Ten Reasons to attend CPAC

    I had the privilege of attending CPAC 2010, not only as an attendee; but as a member of the Blogger’s Lounge. Therefore I had a chance to see, hear, meet and greet and be a part of  many “behind the scenes” stories and events. There were also a couple of “events” which have stuck in my memory I stumbled on by happenstance. So in particular | Read More »

    Best Rant at CPAC–By a British Exchange Student

    I am thoroughly enjoying myself at CPAC 2010. As well as being informative, invigorating, and exhilarating, a group of 10,000 people including a lot of students makes a great mix of personalities. There are people here not only from the US but many from Canada, Ireland, England and several other countries as well. Speakers have been revved up. Especially Boehner, Rubio, and Herman Cain. The | Read More »

    CPAC 2010: An Event to really irritate the Libs

    Live, from the Bloggers Lounge, it’s CPAC 2010! I have had the distinct privilege to be able to attend CPAC 2010 in DC. What an absolutely amazing experience it has been so far, and we are only 3 hours into the event! This is gonna be a real barn-burner. Because at least 10,000 Conservatives are expected to attend, I am assuming a lot of teeth-gnashing | Read More »

    Dockery’s Campaign Website suffer DoS Attack

    Florida Senator Paula Dockery’s campaign web site,, was hacked within 24 hours of her press announcement for filing a bill that would prevent legislators from voting on issues that would personally benefit themselves or their relatives. Dockery (R-Lakeland), a candidate for the Governor’s seat being vacated by Charlie Crist (running for US Senate), and who has developed a reputation as an anti-corruption/pro-taxpayer crusader as well | Read More »

    PATHETIC: NRSC Attempts to Take Credit Away from Grassroots for Brown Surge in MA

    From the diaries . . . How sad. Apparently, without the help of NRSC’s crack campaign team, Scott Brown may never have had a chance at victory today. It wasn’t the tea parties, or the grassroots anger at Washington, or Scott Brown’s courage to stand against Obamacare in the bluest of states… No, it was the GOP establishment in Washington that “quietly” engineered this win. | Read More »

    Has the GOP learned its lesson? Reclaiming a conservative, not Republican majority

    Tomorrow Republican Scott Brown seeks to claim victory against what once was thought of as a shoo-in coronation of Massachusetts Democrat Martha Coakley. Tomorrow we being to reclaim the idea that conservatism, even in Massachusetts is preferable to Obama’s all powerful state. We have run in many ways, the perfect candidate, Scott Brown, White Knight of Massachusetts. All of you know that I love to | Read More »

    My call to the NRSC…nothing but SPIN SPIN SPIN

    Lady: How may I help you? Me: I was just on the NRSC website and was wondering why certain Republican candidates for Senate weren’t listed. Lady: What?? I’m confused, what are you talking about? We have everyone listed there. Me: Then why isn’t Marco Rubio listed as a GOP Candidate for florida on the website? Lady: Oh, well in Florida’s case the NRSC has already | Read More »

    What a Year for Republican Candidates…

    …especially in the Senate races. I don’t have a whole ton of time to get this down, so this is going to be a bit quick and dirty.  Here’s my main thought:  How unbelievably politically bad for President Obama would this headline be, E-Day Plus One: Mark Kirk Wins Obama’s Senate Seat in Shocker Well, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as if Kirk picked | Read More »

    Defending Erick Erickson

    False claims of race-baiting have no place in civilized society Nor on the front page of Race42012 It is with great sadness that I am compelled to write this column defending Erick Erickson of against false charges of “pulling the race card”; “race-baiting”; and of being a “race pimp.” Those are fighting words where I come from, and so, after following the Biblical step-by-step | Read More »