One vote counts: Yours

    Reports are that Dan Benishek has won the Republican Primary for MI-01 by a single vote.  Just one vote in the unofficial count on the Michigan Secretary of State website separates Dr. Benishek from Jason Allen. Benishek was polling well against Allen just one week ago, but the race tightened up as the election loomed.  No one suspected this result, however.  Few if any elections in | Read More »

    Help Chambliss

    Despite having run a bad campaign, underestimating the enemy, surrounding himself with inept campaign staff and raising no money and having no fund raising list to raise money from, Senator Chambliss is still in the game, with a good shot at retaining his Senate seat.. But the wall of money about to descend on GA is going to be unbelievable. Jim Martin, [Edited Out by | Read More »