NY Paper: July’s Killing of Liberals in Tennessee Church is Rush Limbaugh’s Fault

    Rush Limbaugh killed some church goers in Tennessee last July. That is the message from a Newsday.com columnist for a local New York newspaper chain. Now, I’ve listened to Rush Limbaugh many times. Because of my schedule, I cannot listen every day, so certainly I have not heard every word the man has ever uttered, but I am sure that you won’t be able to | Read More »

    Rush Limbaugh: Murderer

    It’s my sad duty today to announce that Rush Limbaugh has been arrested for murder. Earlier today he gunned down Arkansas Democrat Party Chairman Bill Gwantney in a tragic shooting. Well, Rush did not do it actually, but that has not stopped the left from blaming him. There was a tragedy in Arkansas today. Bill Gwantney, a former state senator and the current DPA Chair | Read More »

    Daily Rush Limbaugh Open Thread

    The show is starting. Have at it. Awe. Some. Cake:

    Rush Limbaugh Daily Open Thread

    Okay, so I forgot this yesterday. The show is about to start. Have at it in the open thread.

    On Rush Limbaugh

    After the 1992 election, when Democrats won the Presidency and kept control of both chambers of Congress, Republicans were lost, disconsolate and desperately in search of some institution to grab onto. Some rock upon which the GOP could be re-established. That rock was found on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. It’s hard to remember a time when Limbaugh hasn’t influenced the debate in one way or | Read More »

    Courtesy of Rush Limbaugh

    Obama, yesterday, told people to just inflate their tires and get a regular car tune up. Rush Limbaugh posted this on his site earlier. You can find a full size image here at Rush’s site.

    Rush Limbaugh Throughout History

    General Contest Rules In light of Rush Limbaugh’s 20 years of excellence, we are holding a graphic design contest in his excellency’s honor. Here is the objective. Create a photoshop fakery of Rush Limbaugh in various famous scenes from history, fiction or sports. Put his head on a monument, his cigar on the moon, you name it. Choose an iconic image or setting and photoshop | Read More »

    Rush Limbaugh: Defender of Innnocent Life

    Today, conservatives across the country will (rightly) celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Rush Limbaugh’s syndicated radio program. Rush is many things to many people. He is smart, funny, quick witted, insightful, charming, always entertaining, and even his detractors are forced to concede that he does indeed have “talent on loan from God.” The man is the best at what he does. There is simply no | Read More »

    Happy Birthday Rush Limbaugh

    When I was a Teenage Moonbat™, I hated Rush Limbaugh and I had a lot of friends who also hated him with a passion: just the sound of his voice on the radio was enough to cause us to fly into fits of rage that evoked Orwellian Minutes of Hate. To this day I have liberal relatives who cannot stand to hear his voice on | Read More »

    How’d You Spend YOUR 20 Years?

    Twenty years of Rush Limbaugh on the radio. It occurs to me if Barack Obama had spent twenty years listening to Rush instead of listening to Reverend Wright, that would have him drummed out of the Democrat party. What a world.

    20 Years of Rush

    RedState would like to welcome RNC Chairman Mike Duncan to our front page. — Erick I would like to congratulate Rush Limbaugh on 20 years of helping fuel the conservative dialogue in our country. His unapologetic conservative bent has inspired many listeners to embrace their own Republican ideals and he has opened up the conversation of what matters most to like-minded Americans. The contributions Rush | Read More »

    Rush and the Infamous Reid Letter.

    Come, I will hide nothing from you: I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh. I don’t listen to talk radio at all, really – although now that I know the trick (use IE instead of Firefox) I’ll be probably catching Erick’s show from time to time – and (just in case it wasn’t screamingly obvious by now) I’m a slightly different flavor of conservative than Rush | Read More »

    Live on the Radio

    I am, yet again, live on the radio this morning from 6am to 9am. We’ll spend a lot of time talking about Rush’s 20th anniversary and a host of other topics. The show is out of Macon, Georgia. We talk about local, state, and national issues. At 8:08 a.m. this morning, Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) is going to be on with me talking about energy. | Read More »

    Congratulations Rush Limbaugh

    Today is the 20th anniversary of the Rush Limbaugh show. Rush has become so influential and powerful in the cause for freedom that the Democrats are actively considering a return to the “fairness doctrine” in an attempt to shut Rush down. Over the past twenty years, Rush has been a constant source of encouragement for the right, a champion for freedom, and a friend and | Read More »

    Nevermind Nirvana, Rush is Right

    Had I smelled teen spirit before I heard Rush Limbaugh, I may never have seen the conservative light. Rock died for me after Ozzy left Black Sabbath in 1979 and wasn’t resurrected until late 1991, as Grunge, with the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind album, and its signature song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” But I didn’t know the song’s name until a few years later because | Read More »