That Bear Woke Up Fast

    Seriously.I wasn’t expecting that much movement so quick.Thoughts?


    Well, That Didn’t Take Long – Russia Already Gearing Up

    I mused in the coveritlive space last night that while the discussion was focusing on “domestic consequences”…. my main fear was that the most serious consequences would appear on the international stage. I also fingered Russia as being an actor likely to see what happened as a green light.Well, that sure didn’t take long:Russia to station missiles near PolandRussian President Dmitry Medvedev pledged on Wednesday | Read More »

    Trumping Weekly World News – Obama Torched in…. Pravda

    I was going to append this as a comment to Moe’s rib-tickler from-and-about the flip in the Weekly World News endorsement. But after a little thought (and more than a little coffee), this one actually merits a diary entry of its own.After the Soviet collapse (and the disappearance of its main “sponsor”), Pravda survived by devolving into a news source at the same level as | Read More »


    Spell K-G-B

    Obama has promised that he will:Cut investments in “unproven” missile defense systems. Slow the development of future combat systems. Not develop new nuclear weapons. How insipid can this man be? For the first three days of the Russian invasion of Georgia Obama referred to the need to “talk”. McCain was instantly supportive of Georgia.With Russia on the offensive, Putin’s KGB background, and Obama’s desire to | Read More »

    Why the League of Democracies will not work

    Senator McCain has proposed a League of Democracies to confront the world’s problems. He feels this would be more effective in dealing with problems than the United Nations whether it comes to dealing with Iran, confronting genocide in Sudan, fighting AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa and working together to solve the crisis facing our environment. While he hopes this will streamline decision making by uniting | Read More »

    MI Morning Update 10-13-2008

    22 Days Until Election DayOctober 13, 2008MORNING UPDATE:  OBAMA’S CHARACTER AND ASSOCIATIONS MATTER…Thomas Sowell has pointed out that there are serious doubts about Obama’s character and judgment raised by Obama’s lengthy associations, indeed alliances with Ayers, Dorhn, Rezko, Wright. Senator Obama’s explanations of these alliances miss the point, and are vague and unsatisfactory. There are also serious doubts raised by Obama’s association with ACORN, which | Read More »

    Let’s pile on – Moscow calls for anti-US alliance

    Moscow calls for anti-US allianceWow, the world is getting stranger and more dangerous.You would have thought they would have been smartenough to wait until after the last Presidential debatebefore they came out with these evil plans.McCain needs to hit hard on this and Obama willsay he probably likes Medvedev’s idea to create a new world order that would minimise the role of the United States.


    Historical Parallels: Then and Now…

    Historical Parallels: Then and Now…Economic Conditions and the Obama Phenomenon(Historical data obtained from Wikipedia)History shows us that countries have an unusual tendency to put into power dangerous leaders during times of economic trials.Take the country of Chile for example. Chile elects in 1970 a communist president in Salvador Allende. He only garners 36% of the popular vote, barely 1% more then his closest opponent. Not | Read More »

    So, Obama looks inevitable ? Then welcome back Carter days.

    Yes, I have seen the media full of glee, so I can only make the connection that Obama is riding up in the polls.Ok, so Obama is elected; what next ? I’ll take one thing. Energy.Although Obama has seem to have been a proponent of offshore drilling recently, that does not mesh with statements in the primary nor any of his Senate actions.So, considering I | Read More »

    Proper response to Russia/Georgia questions

    When a moderator or an interviewer asks questions aboutRussia, Georgia, or admitting Ukraine and Georgia intoNATO to the republican candidates they always seem to imply that we are at fault in pushing the world to a”cold war”.Proper response to this is to state that “we are not theones creating the situation that confronts us with Russia,but it is the actions of the Russians. To suggest | Read More »

    Of Russian bombers and Alaskan airspace

    LA Times media scribe James Rainey mocks Sarah Palin for her pointing out, in the Katie Couric interview:It’s very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America, where, where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border. In his hit piece, Raines wonders:Certainly, Russia’s | Read More »

    MI Morning Update 9-23-2008

    42 Days Until Election DaySeptember 23, 2008MORNING UPDATE:LAWNSIGNS DELIVERED STATEWIDE…over 150,000 McCain-Palin lawnsigns were distributed around the state over the last 24 hours. Signs and new bumper stickers should be in every county by Thursday. Let your neighbors know who you support, stop by a Victory Center near you! McCAIN IN MICHIGAN…TODAY…AGAIN…as Michigan continues to be “ground zero” for this campaign. Today he’s visiting the | Read More »

    Year 2010: Big Brobama and The Decline of Western Civilization

    Big Brobama has completed a world tour of diplomacy in 2009, as promised. He has been greeted by fawning Europeans and Africans and even Egyptians. His meetings with Ahmedinejad and Putin were spun into successes by the international media, since he came back to D.C. with pieces of paper promising disarmament and good behavior.Taxes have been raised to class-warfare levels, and unemployment is rising, but | Read More »

    Seeing Russia From Alaska

    Have you ever played the Telephone Game? You pass a phrase on from person to person eventually winding up with the phrase being told to the person who started it. By the time the message gets back to the person it usually barely resembles the original. Such is the case with Palin’s “quote” about seeing Russia from her back yard.Ann Althouse links to this piece | Read More »

    What Palin Really Said About Russia

    Here are some of the headlines which followed Charlie Gibson’s interview with Sarah Palin:Palin Would Support War With Russia — SF ChroniclePalin Talks Tough On Iran, Russia in ABC Interview — LA TimesPalin Leaves War Option With Russia Open — Sun SentinelPalin Talks Tough About Russia — UPIPalin Casually Speaks of War With a Nuclear Armed Russia — OpEd NewsSarah Palin: We’ll Go To War | Read More »