Spheres Of Influence

    The Russian counterargument to what it perceives as Western imperialism and interference concerning issues like Russo-Georgian relations and the status of relations between Russia and other former Soviet states in general is that Russia is merely exercising its power in its own sphere of influence. Implicit in that argument is that Russia would not interfere in the spheres of other great powers and especially not | Read More »

    Thought process and leadership

    Tom Maguirehas a good point: Obama was wrong about the surge while McCain was right, but by and large I think the case could be made (but not by me!) that Obama is by far the more thoughtful and reflective of the two candidates and far more disposed to listen to a range of advice. My guess is that he would have a broader and | Read More »

    Russia May Be Trying the “Ossetia Gambit” in Estonia

    Novosti is reporting that two farms in Estonia have declared their independence from that nation to form an “Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic”Estonia is a member of NATO.This may be “revenge” for Estonia’s hosting of Georgian hackers and others who are standing up to the Russian invasion.It may lso be a response to this move by NATOAlthough this particular “Ossetian Gambit” might gutter out quickly, it’s | Read More »

    A New Cold War?

    Folks, I was a cold warrior like many others on RS . I served in the USAF from 1978 to 1988. The jobs I performed were directly related to the threat posed by the USSR. I worked on the weapons systems of F-4 Phantoms and A-10 Warthogs while stationed in the UK. We all knew we would be crispy critters if we ever went to | Read More »

    Reporting From Georgia

    Michael Totten’s blog is one must-read after another. Here is the latest. Given all of the attention that is rightfully focused on events in Georgia, you owe it to yourself to check out his reporting from the region.

    Obama’s Evolving Stance on Missile Defense

    Earlier this year Barack Obama made a few promises to the Priorities Action Fund, a left-wing organization devoted to cutting the Pentagon’s budget by 15%: “I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.” “I will not weaponize space.” “I will slow our development of future combat systems.”Obama’s rhetoric sent shock waves through the missile defense community. After years of budget cuts and setbacks during | Read More »

    Washington Post Takes Russia’s Blood Money

    Matt Lewis at Townhall thought the same thing as me this morning when opening the Washington Post to find an advertising supplement from the government of Russia. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Russia or other countries produce this kind of propaganda for the Post, but coming in the wake of its war on Georgia, I was a bit alarmed the newspaper would take | Read More »

    Michael Totten: The Truth About Russia In Georgia [Updated]

    I was first turn onto Michael Totten in February with his article “Guns in the Desert”. Well, Mr Totten has written another epic article not about Iraq, but about the current conflict in the Caucasus:”The Truth About Russia In Georgia”

    Back to Russia/Gerogia, or, Michael Totten is THE MAN!

    According to Michael Totten, Georgia’s move into Ossetia was actually a counter to Russian collumns ALREADY pouring through the Roki Tunnel (i.e. The Gateway of Georgia). They just had to fight their way through Ossetia first….If this is true, we have more to worry about with Russia than I thought; that they would go through relatively unprovoked. I can’t wait to see if they try | Read More »

    So, I was reading Stormfront last night…

    It’d been a while since I popped in on the Internet’s leading Nazi community, and read what they were all hyped up about. I used to check in every couple of weeks to see how the Ron Paul push was going. They do still have a bunch of Ronulans, but some have moved on to the Constitution Party candidate.In any case, I visited last night | Read More »

    Holiday Today – Happy Ukrainian Independence Day

    If anyone needs a holiday today, this is a good one.Today is Ukrainian Independence Day.Some wit in the peanut gallery will probably ask “Which one?” And with good reason. Ukraine declared independence six times during the 20th century; the first five tries were unsuccessful, but maybe the sixth will be the charm.Going into the vote in the Rada (Parliament) in Kyiv on 24 August 1991, | Read More »

    The Russian Game

    “Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.” Lord PalmerstonI’d like to take a few minutes out of the all-Biden-all-the-time coverage here and focus on the ongoing dismemberment of the Republic of Georgia by Russia. The purpose is not to dwell on that tragedy and the daily decreasing chances that the Georgia of three weeks ago will reemerge and the utterly | Read More »

    What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    Hmm. This popped up on a “name brand” financial site a little while ago:What’s wrong with this picture? (First correct answer in comments wins a prize.)(BTW, can’t guarantee that this will be there like this for very long….)

    MI Morning Update

     75 Days until Election Day August 21, 2008QUOTE OF THE DAY:"We agree with the Attorney General that the proposal affects the "foundation power" of government "- Court of Appeals in a 21-page opinion that orders the Board of State Canvassers to reject the Reform Michigan Government Now ballot proposal quotes Attorney General Mike Cox.MORNING UPDATE:DEMOCRAT & TRIAL LAWYER STEALTH CONSTITUTIONAL RE-WRITE DEAD…as the Court of Appeals | Read More »

    Russian treachery and bullying

    Russians play chess, and the Putin government orchestrated a chess match when it came to Georgia, and they’re levering their actions in Georgia by bullying America into making a choice. The Russian government also has a choice, [i]if[/i] they can get over their bellicosity, paranoia and imperialist tendencies. Ralph Peters has interesting take on Russia’s readiness to invade Georgia:Let’s be clear: For all that US | Read More »