Community Redevelopment Act

    Bill Clinton’s Community Redevelopment Act. was a good idea to help low income people attain credit who, prior to the CRA, could not qualify for the kind of home they wanted. The Real Estate people and the money people saw their opportunity and took advantgage. We are now watching the colossal, robber baron recovery unfold with $700 billion dollars of freshly printed money by the | Read More »

    John McCain tried to save America in 2005.

    John McCain tried to save America in 2005.John McCain was one of the 3 co-sponsors to S190. A bill that would have saved America a lot of money ache that is happening now. All the Democrats in the Committee voted against the bill and killed it.Below is part of McCain’s speech in 2005 on the Senate floor. Too bad, they did not listen to him.”For | Read More »

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