Hack Reporter Attacks Local Blogger

    Local blogger Adam Sharp, the man behind Sharp Elbows STL, attended a recent HCAN rally. Adam has a pretty good history of getting some quality footage at these events (check out his archives). This rally was no different. Adam arrived on the scene expecting to find his normal HCAN craziness. What he got was even better. Local “reporter” Charles Jaco (of KTVI Fox 2 and | Read More »

    Tea Party protest today at noon: St Louis SEIU HQ.

    (Via Dana Loesch) They’re protesting the beating of Kenneth Gladney by SEIU agents Thursday night. Demand Justice! Denounce Violence! Saturday at SEIU Office DATE:  Saturday, August 8, 2009 (tomorrow) TIME:  Noon LOCATION:  SEIU Headquarters, 5585 Pershing Ave., Suite 130, St. Louis, MO 63112 The St. Louis Tea Party will hold a press conference and peaceable protest at SEIU Headquarters 5585 Pershing Ave., Suite 130, St. Louis, | Read More »