This smells like rotten fish

    Two months ago Sam Van Voorhis calls my old church, says he’s in the PCA, and he needs to know the circumstances surrounding why I was no longer at that church. The church secretary hang up on him after he became angry when she wouldn’t tell him why I was no longer there. The only thing I can connect it to is a couple of | Read More »

    Why is Sam Van Voorhis Calling My Church?

    Yesterday, I wrote about Sam Van Voorhis. He is the independent expenditure guy for the NRSC. People tell me, including people at the NRSC, that Van Voorhis has, in his position as independent expenditure director, directed money to Majority Strategies a/k/a NextWave Communications. Sam happens to run that shop. You can read about it here. Today, my preacher calls. Or, I guess I should say | Read More »