Yes on Prop 8 Needs Your Help

    On the ballot in California this upcoming election, we will be voting on whether or not to amend the constitution to preserve marriage so that it is only between a man and a woman. A yes on proposition 8 would mean that religious freedoms and personal liberties associated with following one’s own beliefs are protected. A no on prop 8 would mean more government and | Read More »

    Proposition 8 (the Protect Marriage one) Needs Help

    Just this month, a San Fransisco public school took a class of first graders to a lesbian wedding. In New Mexico, a photographer was sued for $6k because she refused to photograph a same-sex marriage. In Boston, Catholic adoption agencies were forced to close because they were being sued for not allowing same sex couples to adopt. Preachers are being sued left and right for | Read More »

    The Power of Words

    The language we use is important. Not everyone thinks so – we’re often careless with our words (especially in the electronic world with a hastily composed email or instant message). We hurry to say what we want to say, and expect people to either understand what we really meant or to give us a chance to explain if they misunderstand. Like children on a playground, | Read More »


    The Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts decided that homosexuals should be able to marry. Conservative commentators have had a lot to say about the issue and specifically as it relates to the rights of the various other States to recognize marriage. That flapping and squawking sound you’re hearing is the chickens coming home to roost. Kind of like the swallows coming back to | Read More »

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