I don’t hear anyone mention Kelly Ayotte

    She defeated a candidate who attempted to paint her as a liberal and tried  to destroy her by distorting the truth.  That’s exactly the type of candidate I can’t stand.  (See Mike Castle)  When Rick Scott was successful in that tactic against a true conservative Republican, I was told to shut up and support him because he’s now our candidate.  (I have to add, when | Read More »

    GOP All Stars?

    George Will said that Sara Palin was a distraction from a burgeoning group of young, GOP, all-stars. Who was he talking about? Amy Holmes makes some guesses with Will Cain on Off the Page. Watch here: http://tv.nationalreview.com/offthepage/post/?q=NGM1NjMzNjAwZTRkM2ZhNTYwN2Y1MTRjYWJjMzg2ZDM=

    With Sarah Palin, Barack Obama Shows Rod Blagojevich How Pay -For-Play Is Done!

    I wrote this earlier in the year, and posted it on my other blog at Townhall.com, but frankly, this fits right in with the theme of choice, and my ongoing open letters to Republicans in office.  This was going on during the 2008 Presidential and the Republican party chose to stand back, and do nothing.  John McCain’s campaign chose to stand back, and do nothing, | Read More »

    CBC Trashes Sarah Palin ,Her Family

    Plese read this Story and I urge you to sound off here on these two articles and write the CBC Ombudsman and the guardian’s Ombudsman. Remember if you write back to Put on your Subject Line The Heather Mallick Story on Sarah Palin. Attach the link to the story also. A Mighty Wind blows through Republican convention http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2008/09/05/f-vp-mallick.html CBC Ombudsman Vince Carlin at the link | Read More »

    AP: We’re above the law.

    If media elites wonder many of us “common folk” take much of what we read, watch or hear with skepticism one might look no further than the actions taken by the Associated Press after the hacking of Sarah Palin’s personal email account.

    The McCain-“McPalin” Ticket

    **This is not the theme of my comment, but please…let me get this out of my system: YOU CAN PUT LIPSTICK ON A CHAUVINIST PIG, BUT IT’S STILL A CHAUVINIST PIG. [Thanks. I feel better now] Two and a half centuries ago, a young Nathan Hale said, “I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” To this day, I get | Read More »

    Half Time Break

    Forgive me for not blogging. The NFL season started and I have been occupied rooting for my teams and against our opponents. Not unlike politics, but absent the high stakes and ramifications if the game doesn’t turn out as one would like. Perhaps the most difficult thing this year is that I am not excited about either Presidential candidate. My preferred candidates erupted in the | Read More »

    Sara Palin

    I cant believe the hypocrisy of the BoIraq supporters that are claiming Sara Palin has no experience. Talk about the pot (yes, Obama inhaled) calling the kettle black. I heard one mindless Obama supporter criticizing how small the population of Alaska is compared with other states. Well guess where Biden is from, Delaware, full stop. Strong move by McCain. Choosing a driven competitive woman will | Read More »