Day of Rage – When Mayhem Comes For The Saudis?

    “If Saudi Arabia were to become unhinged, the consequences are almost impossible to imagine—politically, economically, at every level,” said Ryan Crocker, who was the U.S. ambassador to Iraq until 2009. “But I don’t see it happening.” National Saudi Arabia suffers from a despotic, myopic, reactionary government that bases its authority upon a religion that quite literally demands that its followers render all non-Islamic countries | Read More »

    As The Saudi Tanks Roll To Bahrain

    “Politically, Ken Salazar had to begin to relieve some of the pressure that gas prices were exerting on the administration,” said Kish. “He was running out of excuses and with Congress no longer rubber-stamping or ignoring his anti-energy policies, he had to issue at least one permit to placate the Hill.” (HT:The Daily Caller) Secretary of The Interior, Ken Salazar, has long advocated on behalf | Read More »