The Country Grieves…Pelosi-Obama Gloat.

    While millions of Americans grieve over the MURDER of 13 US servicemen and women by a turncoat Muslim home-made Jihadist, and the PC spin doctors race to tell us not to sit in judgment, our country’s leadership, in the persons of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, are celebrating the passage of the most heinous piece of legislation ever to darken the halls of our Capitol | Read More »


    I was listening to the second best (after Rush) radio talk show host today, Michael Medved. During a commercial I flipped it over to hear what Savage was talking about (very infrequently I find him interesting). He was saying that Sarah Palin’s family looks like something out of a police lineup. I just watched Sarah Palin’s family at the convention, and thought they were a | Read More »

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