Ten Things You Can Do To Save The Planet: Hollywood Edition

    It’s just one of those days. Too much Stimulus Bill info and the RRoD failure of my XBOX360 last night has pushed me clearly into the realm of Borderline Personality Disorder; or not. So, I look west towards Hollywood for some solace, or perhaps a healthy dose of Thorazine, either is good. H/T Iowahawk for the good times to be had. More than ten years | Read More »

    Flashback: November, 2005

    Very briefly, Josh Painter has a front-pager about Robert Samuelson’s recommendation for keeping gas prices permanently high regardless of supply and demand. Samuelson’s ideas aren’t new, by any means. I’m sure people can find even older examples in the historical record, but the most recent recapitulation of Samuelson’s prescription can be found in the November, 2005 issue of Scientific American: Running On Empty In fact, | Read More »