Unconfirmed CPAC speakers: Rush and Sarah

    Allah is calling it “grassroots Woodstock.” Both Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh have been invited to speak at CPAC09. Their time slots are shown on the schedule of events, but they are listed as “invited” rather than “confirmed” – at least for now. According to Paul Bedard, Joe Scarborough, the lone conservative regular on liberal cable news outlet MSDNC, has been invited to participate in a discussion of the | Read More »

    A Dem Convention Par-tay schedule!

    For those of you who’ll be in Denver, or would like to dream of being there, the Chicago Sun-Times has found a pdf file containing a list of the dates and times of various parties and events surrounding the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Some are conventional, others are weird. If you attend the CODE PINK MEET AND GREET, you are responsible for your own shots.