CONAD, NORAD, Santa, and Scrooges

    I’ve seen a few Facebook and several Twitter posts that sound a great deal like Scrooge. “Christmas! A fine excuse for NORAD to pick the taxpayer’s pocket every 25th of December!” from the childless who have apparently lost their inner child, and a few rueful remarks from parents who are suffering through the throes of their kid clicking Refresh every couple of minutes to see where Santa is RIGHT NOW! But the rueful parents will smile at the memory, as will their kids in later years.

    As for the Scrooges: Get over yourselves.

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    Waiting for Sim: Christmas Eves With the Definitive Scrooge

    by Michael Mandaville When growing up in Los Angeles, a singular delight was getting the TV Guide in the Sunday paper and scouring it, pen in hand.  My movie search.  In the sixties, Los Angeles had the greatest number of TV channels in any city: 2-4-5-7-9-11-13.  In trips to San Diego, the Mid-West or anywhere else, you’d be lucky to get two, maybe three | Read More »

    The Comment Filmthreat Dared Not Post

    [So there’s this article over at Filmthreat.  It’s an Entertainment/Movie Review site in case you haven’t heard of it.  The article is about a movie from 1967.  ‘Scrooge McDuck, and Money,’ it’s called, by Phil Hall.  Here is the link.  I can promise you that Tim Geithner watched it as a boy.  It’s probably the single greatest inspiration in his life, beyond wanting to | Read More »