Social Security

    I’m a nice lady sixty years old. I’m voting for John McCain because the alternative is Obama and I’d rather die first. But beware John McCain – I don’t take kindly after waiting this long to retire to hear you say you want to fix Social Security by making us wait longer to retire. I’m counting the days ’til I’m 62. Not because I’m lazy. | Read More »

    Obama’s Civilian National Security Force

    What could be scarier than “Spread the Wealth” quote? Read the following … I came across a speach “the One” gave on July 2nd in Colorado Springs… this is the 1st I heard of his plans for a “Civilian National Security Force“ Obama’s Civilian National Security ForceIf you Google : “Obama Civilian National Security Force” you see many very concern about this and reminds them | Read More »


    Can someone help me reach John McCain? I can provide a Global, Non Nuclear Energy Solution to FIX the broken US economy, and that of the falling world markets. I can make sure the steel and engineering plants of Michigan, Ohio and across US kick into gear again. I can make sure that peoples 401K’s and savings are all protected, and that they will appreciate | Read More »

    Who Exactly Wanted to Invest Social Security in Stock Market?

    The Democrats are hoping to use the turmoil in the stock market to scare seniors in a typical election year smear. They’re charging that if Republicans had their way, all their Social Security would be “tied up” in the stock market. Of course, it is simply not true, as this article in The Politico shows. However, there is one politician who promoted investing Social Security | Read More »

    Lying About Social Security

    Quelle surprise. To quote campaign slogans, this isn’t “Hope and Change.” This is “More of the Same.” Barack Obama is no different from any other Democratic politician around. This kind of cheap trick could be pulled by anyone with a “D” at the end of their name. Maybe it is time for the press to start pointing that kind of thing out–assuming, of course that | Read More »

    Is Drinking Water a Greater Threat than Al-Qaeda?

    Is drinking water a greater threat to our national security than Al-Qaeda? Well, if you get your information from Barack Obama’s website, you certainly might think so. If you browse the “Defense”, “Homeland Security”, and “Foreign Policy” sections of, you will not find a single reference to Al-Qaeda, a single reference to radical Islamic jihad, a single reference to Usama Bin Laden, or a | Read More »

    My Positon on National Security

    Let me tell you a story. My father Keith Lowell Dalton was a radar operator in Okinawa, Japan during World War II. He was part of an occupation troop sent to Hiroshima shortly after we dropped the bomb. This experience forever changed him. He may not have had scares on the outside, but the ones on the inside were so deep I can honestly say | Read More »

    Oh Dear!

    The National Security Archive released a report last Friday that sheds even more light on the premeditated lying and deception that took the United States to war in Iraq. The findings are based on new evidence compiled by Dr. John Prados and published by the National Security Archive. Most notably, Dr. Prados shows the depth of the deception perpetrated against citizens and Congress regarding the | Read More »

    Drill for National Security

    The opponents of increased domestic drilling complain that it will take too many years before the oil it produces will get to market, and that it will make very little difference in the price of gasoline at the pump. Both arguments are totally without merit, as I have shown here, here and here. But let’s forget all that for the moment. Though high prices at | Read More »

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