ObamaCare is greed sanctified through politics

    Money gets a bad rap from some people, because it’s supposed to be the instrument of greed.  Wanting more money is said to be crass.  Indeed, in our modern political culture, wanting to keep your own money is treated as “greed.”  The noble and virtuous demands of the collective, as interpreted by a priesthood of politicians, completely trumps individual self-interest. But it’s easy to be greedy without | Read More »

    Dignity and self-interest

    Rest assured, there will eventually be some happy ObamaCare customers.  It’s comical, and highly significant, that the media can’t seem to find any after ten days of diligent searching, but they’ll be along eventually.  It’s just about mathematically impossible to throw a trillion bucks around, and redistribute a trillion more, without someone on the candy end of the lollipop declaring themselves extremely satisfied with the | Read More »