There’s a saying in the biggest retirement community in the U.S. called The Villages in Florida that for years, all potential buyers ask their realtor (and perhaps elsewhere in the country but I only speak from experience): When is the best time to buy a house here? The answer is always the same: today. And the realtors are right since it’s mostly been shielded from the recession | Read More »

    virtue out of selfishness

    “virtue out of selfishness”? Ok, really? First, know what selfishness really is: “concerned chiefly with one’s own interest.” – Oxford Modern English Dictionary. No ethical evaluation is present in that definition. The conventional thought on its meaning however, is:The irrational, undeserved focus on oneself over what is right and rational. Notably, people feel that being selfish is to harm his fellow man. An ethically charged | Read More »