Union Bosses Don’t Answer to You

    Promoted from diaries. Class warfare is the only song We Are Ohio knows. So, for another four weeks they’ll keep playing the same tune, hoping Ohio voters don’t realize the outrageous truth. Every year, Ohio’s government unions pay themselves handsomely with millions of dollars taken from public workers. It’s a decent gig, considering that taxpayers (and even union members) suffer as a result of unsustainable | Read More »

    Behind the We Are Ohio Curtain

    If you live in Ohio and have followed coverage of Issue 2 (or watched a college football game in the past month) you’ve heard of “We Are Ohio,” the group trying to kill government union reform. You may also know We Are Ohio describes itself as a bipartisan, grassroots movement speaking for Ohio’s middle class. Would you be surprised to learn the group’s July report | Read More »

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