GOP Senate Idiots

    First, thumbs up to Sen. McCain.  One of his few endearing qualities as a GOP candidate was his record and stance against wasteful government spending especially against pork in general and earmarks in specific.  It is good to see he is continuing that fight as he settles back into his senatorial duties. On the heals of passing their porkulus bill that funded all kinds of | Read More »

    Republican Congressional Vote Percentage Lowest Since 1976

    Richard Winger’s <a href=>Ballot Access News</a> has tallied up the total vote for the U.S. House.  The Democrats received 53.9%, the Republicans just 43.0%.  This is the lowest total for either party since 1976, when the Republicans won just 42.0% of the popular vote.  The last time the Democrats polled this low in the total vote for U.S. House was 1928. Republican vote totals are | Read More »