McCain Running For Re-Election in 2010

    John McCain is running for re-election to US Senate in 2010 and has already formed an exploratory committee to start raising funds.So what you will at least this takes on headache off Republicans in 2 years. I doubt any strong Dem will challenge him.

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    MO-5 District Report

    Missouri District 5 includes the Missouri-half of Kansas City, and smaller towns such as Lee’s Summit, Belton, and Raytown. Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver (D-MO), a United Methodist minister, was re-elected for his second term. Jacob Turk (R), a Mechanical Engineering major, has run for office twice (2006,2008), and lost by roughly the same percentage of votes each time (2006: 32 to 64, 2008: 34 to 64), | Read More »

    Pull Out Your Credit Card for Saxby or Say Hello to 60 Democrats in the Senate

    We need to raise money for Saxby Chambliss’s runoff.**I just gave him $500.00.What will you give?**With Stevens now behind in Alaska and Franken doing his best to steal Minnesota, we must save Saxby’s seat.It is very winnable. But he needs your support.Contribute here.Put “RedState” in the event code line.

    Preview 2010: Senate

    Thought I’d handicap the upcoming 2010 elections for US Senate, which will probably be starting in the next 6-8 months. Safe Democrat:Barbara Boxer (CA)Evan Bayh (IN)Chris Dodd (CT)Barbara Mikulski (MD)Harry Reid (NV)Chuck Schumer (NY)Byron Dorgan (ND)Ron Wyden (OR)Patrick Leahy (VT)DelawareRuss Feingold (WI)Florida (pickup)

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    Still Angry at Obama’s win?

    I have a story to tell so please stay with me while we’re on this written journey as the circular nature of some of the statements do get closed at the end. Please also remember my motto: Life is not Linear which is why Pi is so important.That Obama won is not the issue that I’m upset about. At 52%/48% I’ve realized that during my | Read More »

    We need New Leadership!

    If someone was the CEO of a company who posted such losses in four straight years of action they would be immediately replaced. So, why are we willing to be saddled with the failed leadership of Congressman Boehner and Senator McConnell?Now, I understand that outside events controlled the political scene, especially in 2008, and that this was largely out of their control, but it does | Read More »

    Welcome to the GOP, Mr. Lieberman!

    Well, it’s only a matter of time now. Sen. Pat Leahy has now come out and said that Lieberman does not deserve to keep his committee chairmanship. That’s basically the final nail in the coffin of Joe Lieberman and his 2-year battle with the left-wing of the Democratic Party. Next step, Lieberman will likely either stay an Independent and caucus with the GOP or join | Read More »

    Congrats Senator Cornyn, Now Be Careful Who You Pick

    Dear Senator Cornyn,Congratulations. You are now de facto NRSC Chairman. I trust you will do a competent job.I’m very concerned though, sir. Members of the House and Senate, when they get in leadership positions, sometimes surround themselves with people who want to be there for the resume line, not the cause.Your cause, sir, is to pick up seats in 2010. That will be a year | Read More »

    Alaska is Doomed…or maybe not

    I did some number crunching last night on the Alaska Senate race looking at where the remaining absentee ballots are vs the votes in the respective Alaska State House Districts and discovered much to my surprise that based on where the remaining 25,000 absentee ballots are located, there are more R leaning Districts than D.There are 5 ‘regions’ in the state and of those 5, | Read More »

    Norm Coleman Drops Out of NRSC Race

    Roll Call reports that Norm Coleman has informed John Cornyn that he is no longer a candidate to head the National Republican Senate Committee in the next Congress: Sen. Norm Coleman (Minn.) called Sen. John Cornyn (Texas) Thursday afternoon and told him he was dropping out of the race for National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman to focus on the recount in his 206-vote win over | Read More »

    Saxby Chambliss, Jim Martin, and Obama’s Minion Horde

    You’d think Obama might not want a filibuster proof Senate, so they still have an effective foil to blame in the GOP. But it’s looking more and more like Saxby’s could be the sixtieth seat and Obama is sending his minion horde to Georgia:“Obama’s former campaign workers are now assisting Martin in his 25 offices across the state, Martin said. Those ground troops, he said, | Read More »

    McCain – “I Can’t Wait to Introduce Her to Washington!” – Maybe He Will

    If the cards fall into place and she accepts a Senate position.John McCain would still get the opportunity to introduce her to Washington, and therefore, the two of them would still get a chance to “clean up Washington and put Government back on the side of the People”.Very interesting possibility.Just picture McCain introducing her: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to your worst nightmare … | Read More »

    Chuck Devore’s Mission

    CHECK OUT www.chuckdevore.comLate last week, I interviewed Chuck Devore, a California Assemblyman representing Orange County. Mr. Devore intends to challenge Barbara Boxer in 2010 for the United States Senate. He is an interesting candidate and a compelling choice for Republicans to embrace early.Devore represents the Republican bastion of Orange County that, demographically, is slowly turning from red to blue. Despite the demographic change, Devore has | Read More »

    Stealing Minnesota?

    “All the irregularities are benefiting Franken against statistical probability. ”Minnesota has become this year’s Florida, but it is only at the Senate level. Let me lay out the facts for you.When all the votes were counted on election day, Norm Coleman had won by about 800 votes.After canvassing all the votes, the number dropped pretty significantly to a 200 vote lead. The canvass will be | Read More »

    Chambliss bringing in big guns to fight Martin and Obama

    Fox5 Atlanta is reporting this morning that the Chambliss campaign is bringing in (drumroll)……John McCain (release that sigh!) to campaign in Cobb County for Chambliss.The Chambliss camp is characterizing the runoff here as “the first race in the 2010 election.”I might add it’s also the first test in the 2012 Presidential election (for the GOP).So, McCain is all well and good (seeing as he outpolled | Read More »