Saxby Chambliss, Jim Martin, and Obama’s Minion Horde

    You’d think Obama might not want a filibuster proof Senate, so they still have an effective foil to blame in the GOP. But it’s looking more and more like Saxby’s could be the sixtieth seat and Obama is sending his minion horde to Georgia:“Obama’s former campaign workers are now assisting Martin in his 25 offices across the state, Martin said. Those ground troops, he said, | Read More »

    McCain – “I Can’t Wait to Introduce Her to Washington!” – Maybe He Will

    If the cards fall into place and she accepts a Senate position.John McCain would still get the opportunity to introduce her to Washington, and therefore, the two of them would still get a chance to “clean up Washington and put Government back on the side of the People”.Very interesting possibility.Just picture McCain introducing her: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to your worst nightmare … | Read More »

    Chuck Devore’s Mission

    CHECK OUT www.chuckdevore.comLate last week, I interviewed Chuck Devore, a California Assemblyman representing Orange County. Mr. Devore intends to challenge Barbara Boxer in 2010 for the United States Senate. He is an interesting candidate and a compelling choice for Republicans to embrace early.Devore represents the Republican bastion of Orange County that, demographically, is slowly turning from red to blue. Despite the demographic change, Devore has | Read More »

    Stealing Minnesota?

    “All the irregularities are benefiting Franken against statistical probability. ”Minnesota has become this year’s Florida, but it is only at the Senate level. Let me lay out the facts for you.When all the votes were counted on election day, Norm Coleman had won by about 800 votes.After canvassing all the votes, the number dropped pretty significantly to a 200 vote lead. The canvass will be | Read More »

    Chambliss bringing in big guns to fight Martin and Obama

    Fox5 Atlanta is reporting this morning that the Chambliss campaign is bringing in (drumroll)……John McCain (release that sigh!) to campaign in Cobb County for Chambliss.The Chambliss camp is characterizing the runoff here as “the first race in the 2010 election.”I might add it’s also the first test in the 2012 Presidential election (for the GOP).So, McCain is all well and good (seeing as he outpolled | Read More »

    Help Chambliss

    Despite having run a bad campaign, underestimating the enemy, surrounding himself with inept campaign staff and raising no money and having no fund raising list to raise money from, Senator Chambliss is still in the game, with a good shot at retaining his Senate seat..But the wall of money about to descend on GA is going to be unbelievable. Jim Martin, [Edited Out by Erick | Read More »

    US Senate (GOP Prevents 60 For Now But 2010 Looks Like A Disaster)

    We need some threads on focusing on where the party goes from here and how we can start planning on working our way back into majority or chipping our minority status up someI very much fear the US Senate Races in 2010 already points to us being on defense and in some cases you have to wonder if some Republican Senators are going to call | Read More »

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    Darn — Smith Concedes in Oregon

    Gordon Smith conceded to his Democrat challenger Jeff Merkley early this morning.Approximately 40,000 votes remain to be counted (Oregon is vote-by-mail). Smith trailed through most counts on Tuesday, but caught and narrowly passed Merkley late Tuesday night. Vote counts from Multnomah (Portland) and Lane (Eugene) counties then put Merkley over the top.That leaves the current Senate count 57-D (counting Lieberman and Sanders) to 41-R (counting | Read More »

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    Harry Reid Plays it Smart

    Harry Reid has met with Senator Joe Lieberman to discuss Lieberman’s place in the Democratic conference. And instead of stripping him of his committee chairmanship, the two are expected to talk again: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) declined to strip Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.) of his Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chairmanship Thursday afternoon, but after the two met behind closed doors, Lieberman’s | Read More »

    2010 Mid-terms

    Work should begin immediately on the 2010 mid-term elections. A lot will depend on the perceived success/failure of Obama’s administration, but there are a few things that should start now.Start RecruitingBlanche Lincoln (Arkansas) is a fairly conservative Democrat, but she is a Democrat. Let’s hope Huckabee could be talked into running.Although California is tough for the Republicans, Barbara Boxer has to be stopped. Schwarzenegger can’t | Read More »

    A Note to the GOP Senators- Some Backbone Please

    It CAN be done. Just ask Bob!It looks as if the new Congress will have 44 or 45 Republican senators. I understand the temptation they might have to cry in their beer over the election results. But the people have spoken, and it’s time to move on.The GOP Senate minority has the strength it needs to mount an effective opposition. If they need pointers, all | Read More »

    Rally for Gordon Smith

    People are too reflective. The only thing we have left right now is the Filibuster and there is still one Republican Senate seat we can save. I have not talked too much about ACORN and voter fraud because I did not think it made the difference in the McCain race (although it could have in Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia).But it could definitely be a | Read More »

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    Franken’s Duplicity

    It seems that the Minnesota Senate race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken is headed for an automatic recount under the state’s election law. There seems to have been little trouble with the count in Minnesota, increasing confidence that Coleman’s slim lead will survive any fair scrutiny. Al Franken’s lawyer however, has already declared that the count is suspect. And the sole evidence appears to | Read More »

    We Need To Find Our Voice

    Few conservatives will disagree that we have lost our voice in the public arena. This all began when we elected George W. Bush in 1999. President Bush promised a New Tone™ in Washington. He had worked successfully with both parties as the Governor of Texas, and would continue to do the same as the leader of our nation. He would eliminate the partisan bickering that | Read More »

    Democrat Mischief in Oregon?

    A Senate source informs RS of the following: Democrats in charge of the building where ballots are stored in Portland are trying to get the press to leave the building – they say there is a flood.This is an extremely convenient time to experience a flood. Anyone in Portland have better information of what’s going on?Update: I see Matt Lewis is hearing the same thing | Read More »