The Real Camapign Issue in S Dakota Senate Race

    Here in S Dakota, the Senate race is getting a bit bizarre. We have a Senate candidate, a sitting Senator, who suffered a terrible brain injury. As we all know, the tragedy to this man, and his family must be enormous. I am thankful he survived, my aunt wasn’t so lucky with the same injury, but there comes a time where the question has to | Read More »

    Sen John Thune Wieghs In on S Dakota’s “Debate” Debate

    It seems that Senator John Thune, on the heels of his jaw dropping efforts to cut the legs out from under his fellow Republicans, is continuing with his efforts. In a very brief story on the internet version of The Rapid City Journal, this was reported this morning: Republican U.S. Sen. John Thune is taking no position on a fellow senator’s decision not to engage | Read More »

    A New Wrinkle in South Dakota Debate Issue

    It seems that the debate saga between Senator Tim Johnson and his Republican challenger Joel Dykstra is not resolved. In fact, things are just heating up. Since the original news of Johnson announcing that he will not debate Joel Dykstra, the electorate perked up and became interested. Here is a round table of news clippings on this issue from around the state.

    GOP Takeover In 2008? (updated)

    In what should be a plum year for the Democrats, the Energy Crisis could shoot the GOP into prime position. Obama and the Democrats (the leadership of whom seem to be has talked a lot about the power of a ‘movement’. His movement has no substance, however, based on a ‘carry moonbeams home in a jar’ fantasy world (maybe he could convince Disney to construct | Read More »

    S Dakota Senate Race Against Tim Johnson Is Getting Interesting

    It seems that despite promise to engage in debates against his Republican challenger Joel Dystra, Tim Johnson has reversed course and announced that he will NOT participate in ANY debates with his challenger. In a statement Friday, Johnson said he will dispense with a widely held political tradition in South Dakota as he seeks a third Senate term because he thinks face-to-face debates will not | Read More »

    S. Dakota Election News (Page 2)

    It seems in my rush to cover the events in the park in Pierre, SD, I was a bit oblivious to the fact that all the people I was meeting were not all there for the same reason. A reporter for the local Capital City Journal was there too. The event, with pictures, was on the front page of the newspaper this morning. My wife | Read More »

    S. Dakota Election News (Page 2)

    It seems in my rush to cover the events in the park in Pierre, SD, I was a bit oblivious to the fact that all the people I was meeting and getting introduced too were not all there for the same reason. It appears that a reporter for the local Capital City Journal was there too. The event, with pictures was on the front page | Read More »

    S. Dakota Election News

    Today I started back on my first steps back into politics since my recent move to start my new job at the beginning of June. It started off good. Today both Joel Dykstra and Chris Lien came to the park in Pierre, S. Dakota to meet people and talk politics. I got the chance to speak to both of them. I was impressed. I was | Read More »

    OR Senate Poll (Smith Looks Good)

    Smith 49% Merkley 37% Brownlow 8% Constitution 3 Months to Election, Incumbent Smith 12 Atop Merkley in Bid to Hold US Senate Seat for GOP: In an election for United States Senator in Oregon today, 08/05/08, incumbent Republican Gordon Smith retains his seat, fighting off Democrat Jeff Merkley, the Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, 49% to 37%, according to this KATU-TV news poll | Read More »

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    Move the gas debate to the Senate?

    I am not certain if this idea has any validity or not. I am by no means an expert on the rule that The United States Senate operates under. The House of Representatives currently has the lights and cameras off so the GOP must continue it’s demand for a vote on oil production in the dark. Now, if memory serves, The Senate remains in session | Read More »

    Another Pelosi/Ried Promise Broken

    When opening the new Senate session on January 4, 2007, the new Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid leader boldly proclaimed that “We are going to work longer hours, we are going to work full weeks, we are going to have votes on Mondays and Fridays.” In the people’s house, Nancy Pelosi made similar promises about the way business would be done under Democratic leadership. He | Read More »

    Grassley on the Housing Bill

    Senator Grassley recently released a statement about his vote on the housing bill that recently passed congress and was signed by the president. The problem with this massive bill is that it could do more harm than good. It started out to help Americans who are losing their homes, but it ended up giving banks a $4 billion incentive to foreclose rather than work something | Read More »

    Sauerberg for Senate! Rail on Durbin!

    The latest in the Dick Durbin saga shows another huge gap between the liberal and conservative approaches to our energy situation. His suggestion? Put more money into building Amtrak cars. pin drops OK, seriously, Durbin thinks that by expanding capacity of Amtrak, we can help people who find gas prices to be too high. However, this is not really a solution as much as it | Read More »

    Stevens’ Collateral Damage

    If there’s one person who’s likely to lose his job as a result of the indictment of Ted Stevens, it’s Congressman Don Young (R-AK). Young is under investigation by the FBI over his ties to Veco, as Stevens is. It would be no surprise at all if Young is indicted, too. And while Stevens is blessed to face a slew of challengers in the primary | Read More »

    Impeach Harry Reid!

    Senate majority leader Harry Reid has finally just gone too far. The above video is a perfect example of what our Senators must endure, EVERY SINGLE DAY THEY GO TO WORK, and is further evidence why NOTHING ever gets done! And all we see in the press is “Republicans block passage of…” It is shameful how no MSM coverage of Harry Reid’s ineptness as the | Read More »