Conservative call to action

    Before John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate I didn’t know her. Even after we still only know what the MSM and the McCain handlers allowed us to see and hear. I think one of the flaws in McCain’s campaign was they didn’t allow Sarah to be herself. Part of that too was having to support the McCain platform and not | Read More »

    MN Senate Race Update

    With 65% of the ballots re-counted Coleman is up 149 votes. The Frankin camp has challenged 881 votes to 875 by Coleman campMost of the Dem stronghold of St Louis County (80% in) and Frankin gained only 20 votes so far there. Hennepin county has 60% in and Coleman has gained 20 votes here so far. The big Dem county of Ramsey still has 53% | Read More »

    McConnell to Reid: Open Debate… or Else

    Roll Call reports on a letter to Harry Reid put together by Republican leader Mitch McConnell, and signed by all Republican Senators: A feisty Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) warned Friday that while he looks forward to working with President-elect Barack Obama in the coming months, Republicans will continue to demand that they be given the ability to amend legislation or will filibuster bills | Read More »

    The GOP’s Senator Problem

    The GOP really does have a Senator problem — a group of old kleptocrats who’ve been around for so long, they view themselves as entitled to power, prestige, and graft.One of the Senators who is not willing to get comfy is Senator Jim DeMint. It must gall the other members of the Senate Republican Caucus that Jim DeMint thinks they should stand for something. After | Read More »

    Getting Involved

    I have always stayed up to date on politics by keeping a watchful eye on the politicians that I elected to office and like many others have been disappointed on more occasions than I like to admit. I campaigned for Bush in 2000 and 2004 and John McCain in 2008. When the original bailout was being considered I called every Georgia Representative and Congressman to | Read More »

    Early 2010 Senate Race Updates (AZ, NC, NV, KY)

    ArizonaAs noted before McCain has already formed a exploratory committee to run for re-electionNC Burr (R)The Times-News of Hendersonville reports that Shuler, who was recently elected to his second-term as a Democratic Congressman from North Carolina, could be looking to challenge incumbent Richard Burr in the state’s next Senate electionNevada Reid (D)Nevada Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki confirmed in an interview Friday that he was inching | Read More »

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    Secrets Hurt Democrats

    Growing up in South Georgia I quickly learned that if someone wanted you to know who they voted for in an election they would tell you.  If not, well, you were best to just leave the subject alone.  That’s because voting is a precious personal decision.  When Georgia voters go to cast their ballot in the December 2 runoff, no one will know who they | Read More »

    Does Barack Obama Want To Keep Saxby Chambliss In The Senate?

    There are a lot of easy to explain reasons why Barack Obama probably won’t come to Georgia to campaign on behalf of his newest best friend, Jim Martin. (I say newest because former Senate opponent and DeKalb county CEO Vernon Jones is still taking great pains to point out that Jim Martin voted for John Edwards in the Georgia Presidential Preference Primary, even though Edwards | Read More »

    The Old DSCC “Max Cleland” Smear

    The DSCC is rallying support for Jim Martin by making false trumped up claims about how and why Sen. Saxby Chambliss ousted then-Sen. Max Cleland. Below is a list of some of their more egregious claims – mind you the DSCC is not the only group propagating false claims in a desperate attempt to unseat Sen. Chambliss. Here and now, I challenge you to watch the | Read More »

    Al Franken: The Vote Count is Meaningless

    Al Franken’s team seems awfully dismissive of the vote that appears to have resulted in the re-election of Norm Coleman to the U.S. Senate. From Roll Call (subscription only): The Coleman campaign maintains the Senator won the election by 215 votes, while the Franken campaign said the race starts over today tied “zero-zero, with 2.9 million to go.”The state of Minnesota has spent millions on | Read More »

    McCain Running For Re-Election in 2010

    John McCain is running for re-election to US Senate in 2010 and has already formed an exploratory committee to start raising funds.So what you will at least this takes on headache off Republicans in 2 years. I doubt any strong Dem will challenge him.

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    MO-5 District Report

    Missouri District 5 includes the Missouri-half of Kansas City, and smaller towns such as Lee’s Summit, Belton, and Raytown. Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver (D-MO), a United Methodist minister, was re-elected for his second term. Jacob Turk (R), a Mechanical Engineering major, has run for office twice (2006,2008), and lost by roughly the same percentage of votes each time (2006: 32 to 64, 2008: 34 to 64), | Read More »

    Pull Out Your Credit Card for Saxby or Say Hello to 60 Democrats in the Senate

    We need to raise money for Saxby Chambliss’s runoff.**I just gave him $500.00.What will you give?**With Stevens now behind in Alaska and Franken doing his best to steal Minnesota, we must save Saxby’s seat.It is very winnable. But he needs your support.Contribute here.Put “RedState” in the event code line.

    Preview 2010: Senate

    Thought I’d handicap the upcoming 2010 elections for US Senate, which will probably be starting in the next 6-8 months. Safe Democrat:Barbara Boxer (CA)Evan Bayh (IN)Chris Dodd (CT)Barbara Mikulski (MD)Harry Reid (NV)Chuck Schumer (NY)Byron Dorgan (ND)Ron Wyden (OR)Patrick Leahy (VT)DelawareRuss Feingold (WI)Florida (pickup)

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    Still Angry at Obama’s win?

    I have a story to tell so please stay with me while we’re on this written journey as the circular nature of some of the statements do get closed at the end. Please also remember my motto: Life is not Linear which is why Pi is so important.That Obama won is not the issue that I’m upset about. At 52%/48% I’ve realized that during my | Read More »