SENATOR Boxer on Cap & Trade: muddling ahead, and alone.

    ‘Senator’ capitalized because the insecure often require that special little emphasis. In this case, SENATOR Boxer is demonstrating same by making a fairly pointless gesture that’s apparently fueled by pique: Barbara Boxer may not only force her climate bill through the Environment and Public Works Committee without any Republican votes; aides say she could also do it without any Republicans in the room at all. | Read More »

    Note that the eyepatch is *not* CGI…

    (Via @CalebHowe) Chuck DeVore is having fun again: Of course, when it comes to Senator Boxer*, it’s not precisely a target-poor environment. Background here, for the three people in the political blogosphere who haven’t heard about this one yet. Anyway, that guy with the eyepatch had it in the original video; I remember seeing it when I saw the original YouTube. Not that Chuck DeVore | Read More »