And the GOP Winner is…

        It’s come down to four Republican candidates. They have survived the rigors of a presidential campaign–and there are many. It’s gotten nasty at times, with candidates attacking candidates of the same party. Something that Reagan warned ominously against. But that was when party was sacred, and the person to beat wasn’t Obama. It wasn’t that Obama was a good president. After presiding over | Read More »

    Ending the Separation of Church and State

    From Drudge, I picked up this article: Ban on Political Endorsements Targeted This is significant in that the Alliance Defense Fund(ADF – think of them as the ‘Anti-ACLU’) believes that current law is unconstitutional and in that they are willing to provoke a Court Battle over it. Firstly, ADF does not take on a case unless they feel they are absolutely in the right. If | Read More »