China Is Shocked By The Death of a 2-Year Old. Why?

    That kid got run over twice and those people just did nothing! We should denounce the People’s Republic of China. They are evil. They are malignant. They are materialists who have no value for human life what so ever. They could totally care less about someone else’s kids. Or not unless hypocrisy is the bow vice makes to virtue. You see, the PRC is an | Read More »

    General Screwtape Gets His (Expletive) Chewed

    It was Zeero-Dark-30 on a bleak December Morning. General Screwtape kind of knew this was coming since the first Tuesday in November. His rather unique and stylish “Master of Puppets” ringtone awakened him. He was not too surprised when he recognized the number as Brimstone HQ.* It wasn’t going to a pleasant morning. The (expletive) – chewing began with gusto.

    “Screwtape! You misbegotten spawn of Beelzbubba! I sent you to America to wage a half-way decent War on Women, and the best you could do is have that idiot Romney put them in binders! And those deals where they only get paid $0.70 for every $1.00 the men get – you’ve seen what’s happened to Male U6 Unemployment, you (expletive)! Sandra Fluke is sending you the tab for her birth control. I’m ordering you to pay it as penance for your pathetic screw-ups! Now I’m feeling particularly jolly this fine morning.**Because of that, I’m sending you a file to read that might save your wretched and villainous career. This here tells you how China keeps the Little Ladies in their proper place!”

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