Whose side is Sharif on?

    Nicholas Schmidle asks, Can the U.S. really trust Nawaz Sharif?. Looking at Sharif’s past – a messy mix of political strongarming and kowtowing to radical Islamists – and his recent return to the political scene, Schmidle wonders whether or not American politicians are playing with fire by giving Sharif so much attention. But as much as Sharif has been playing coy with the U.S. lately, | Read More »

    Problems and Opportunity in Pakistan

    Cross posted at TownHall The recent media coverage in Pakistan regarding the film of a young woman being beaten by religious fanatics of Swat district has shocked and angered many around the world and within Pakistan. As a nation, Pakistan is a study in modernity and backwardness existing side by side, and coming into contact and conflict. The plight of the woman is one where | Read More »

    Ambassador Hussain Haqqani of Pakistan – great video!

    Ambassador Hussein Haqqani has several very interesting video’s out where he speaks about the challenges and opportunities facing Pakistan and the region in general. Ambassador Haqqani has an impressive biography, and has included journalism, and teaching assignments at prestigious universities. But, one of his greatest contributions is his ability to talk about the history and nuance of Pakistan. He has worked with the late Benazair | Read More »