Whither the Withering Antiwar Movement?

    It was a dreary November morning in 2006. I still lived in Alexandria, VA back then. While voting for the GOP, I reminded myself of a classic Robert Heinlein novel – Stranger In a Strange Land.

    Standing in line, I was surrounded by angry hordes of liberals. They anticipated a Visigoth holiday at the expense of Speaker Hastert’s dying GOP majority. I heard endless talk of ending the war. The line repeated by many in line was that this was the most important election of their lifetime. The war had to end.

    At another precinct near the one I voted in, a man drove up in a pick-up truck with a coffin in the back. A sign on it read “George W. Bush Killed My Son.” The Democrats swept into power, the wars continue interminably, and the bereaved gentleman’s son still lies dead. It’s the major-league protests that are missing.

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    Obamas Cabinet Picks Leaked

    www.edmartinonline.com. WASHINGTON, DC — President to be Obama’s short list for his cabinet reveals a new direction for America, true diversity, experienced leaders, and creative thinking. Although not yet public, the preliminary appointments according to key sources are shaping up as follows: Economic Team:Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors – Rep. Barney FrankSecretary of the Treasury – Rep. William JeffersonSecretary of Commerce – Rep. Charlie Rangel | Read More »