Marita Noon: U.S. Government releases predators against its own people

    This story is about New Mexico, Arizona and the Mexican grey wolf. But similar stories can easily be found in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana where the Canadian grey wolf was reintroduced nearly two decades ago. The wolf population has grown so rapidly that they have been known to aggressively kill livestock and cause millions of dollars of loss to ranching families—with the Idaho record being 176 sheep killed in one night. In Wyoming, the Wolf has been removed from the endangered species list and ranchers can now kill the wolf and protect their herds without fear of punishment from our government. Even the U.S. FWS is removing and euthanizing the wolves that were intentionally introduced into the region. As recently as August 21, 2014, wolves are wreaking havoc, killing sheep just 50 miles outside of Spokane, Washington—where the U.S. FWS has authorized a rancher to kill the wolves and, much to the dismay of environmental groups, state wildlife agents are killing wolves to protect people and property.

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    Senator Brian Schatz (D, Hawaii): did you have carnal relations with that sheep?

    No, I never thought that I’d have the opportunity to write that out, either.  But apparently this is the world that we live in, now: Hawaii senator Brian Schatz involved in simulated sheep rape rituals U.S. Senator Brian Schatz once led a fraternity that got into trouble with the law and animal welfare groups for threatening to sodomize a sheep.

    Denver: bronze sheep stolen for their scrap value.

    Before you laugh, the two sheep were valued at fifteen grand apiece (admittedly, that’s their value as art): I have no idea how much a life-sized bronze sheep weighs*, but it was apparently enough to make it a criminal target in this marvelous economy that’s been so carefully nurtured by the current administration. Did you know that there’s been since 2008 a statewide law enforcement | Read More »


    Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – A Behind The Scenes Look

    By Dr. Jake Baker Sunday, December 19, 2010 Dr. Jake Baker     Until now I have been silent on the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) debate.  I guess I figured that sanity would prevail.  Now we know that is not the case.  As a continued act of betrayal, eight Senate Republicans stood with 53 democrats and 2 independents to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, | Read More »


    Maybe it’s time for us to promulgate a new acronym: S.T.O.P. The meaning? StopThe Obama Pandering! Video link